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All of the work produced by the groups would be displayed along side the collection to demonstrate the explosive nature of creativity, and to show how life can come from this quietly hidden collection. Besides the objects in the collection there is also a wonderful collection of children’s books.
The educational remit of the collection was a strong driving factor in it’s initial assembling. The Pantone Color Matching System goes way back to the days when most commercial printing was done using one, two or three "spot" colors.
If you are creating documents for CMYK printing, then work in a CMYK environment such as Minimiro's CMYK template. If a job is going to be printed using spot colors you can create your art using black and white and percentages of black (grays). Printers work with these colors, and many other color matching systems, all the time and can give you useful tips and tricks for getting the best results with Pantone colors.
If you planning to print a document using spot colors (remember spot colors are intended to be printed as specially mixed inks, and each spot color requires a separate printing press plate) Xara can help. NOTE: If you are using more than three spot colors, you might want to consider printing your job in CMYK instead. The best way to output your spot color separations (each color becomes a separate sheet of film) is to have your printing company or service bureau print directly from Xara X.
Once you have an appropriate printer driver installed, open the Printer Setup dialog (File > Printer Setup) and select your printer and set up your page and paper options if necessary. NOTE: If you have used more than 3 spot colors, you may want to have Xara convert these colors to CMYK and just output the 4 process colors. In the Imagesetting tabbed section you can select to Output Printers Marks to place these various marks on the film.

Before you actually go to press, you should see and approve a color proof created by your printing company. If you have access to Adobe Acrobat Distiller (or a similar product) specify Adobe PDF (or similar product) as the Printer. Here's a simple fan book made from oak leaves (or at least my interpretation of them) cut from the back panel of a brown paper grocery bag.
4-color process printing (CMYK) was very expensive and limited to magazines and very costly brochures.
Users specify a spot color by number, for example PMS 300 blue from a book of swatches or a fan book. Another Pantone swatch book shows how two, three and four spot colors can be combined to create duotones, tritones and quadratones.
So Pantone answered this need by creating a new set of swatch books that provided CMYK percentages to match their spot colors. If the colors do not match, inform your client of this problem before you go to the printers. If you want to specify a Pantone color, either spot or process, do it from one of the printed swatch books or fan books.
If color is critical, and your client has specified a certain Pantone color for his or her printing job, then use the specifications for that color. Specify your Pantone colors by the CMYK percentages shown in the Pantone Process Color swatch book. While it is possible to create a blend or a gradient fill using two Pantone colors, doing so in Xara will convert the spot colors to process colors which is not what you want to do.
But I am hopeful that this small amount of information will keep you out of trouble when you design using these colors.

If you are not sure, ask your service bureau or printing professional for the proper setting. Is is cheaper to made changes to a job before you go on press than having to reprint the job. I traced the leaf pattern onto the bag with brown marker, colored the leaves in with crayon, and then cut them out.
Taking it back to its original aim, I want to invite school children into Platt Hall and allow them to explore the collection. Alternately you can output to a generic PostScript device but the results may be as complete.
Holding all of them together, I poked a hole at the bottom of the leaves with the point of a pair of scissors. Following this, workshops on creative writing would allow the children to choose objects and create narratives around them, who owned them, where they came from, how Mary Greg came to own it. As well as this, craft workshops dedicated to some of the delicate objects in the collection: patchwork, quilting, embroidery etc. I wrote some additional information with a red pen along the edges of the leaf, such as the names of some of my favorite books on the back of the book leaf.Oak Leaf Leaf Patterns to printA wonderful picture book about November by Cynthia Rylant.
The language is beautiful, the observations are keen, and the oil on paper illustrations are filled with atmosphere and beauty.

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