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There are also certain regulations that must be adhered to when installing a ventilation system. Axial extractor fans move air over short distances, centrifugal extractor fans move air over longer distances and inline extractor fans are mounted inside duct work and can move air over short or long distances as required.
According to the IEE Wiring Regulations (17th Edition), a room containing a bath or a shower is considered to be a special location due to the increased risk of electric shock.
Extractor fans and all the fittings, we supply them all from your one stop fan shop – Extractor Fans for Bathrooms and Commercial. Find the cheapeast Deals on Bathroom Extractor Fans, compare all the best UK DIY stores and all their best selling Bathroom Extractor Fans.
There is no room in the average household where it is more important to install an extractor fan than the bathroom. How install bathroom ceiling light heater fan ehow, Many home bathrooms come with an exhaust fan to remove moisture from the buildup of steam. Humidity controlled extractor fan homebase, The humidity controlled extractor fan is designed to operate if humidity rises above pre set limit.

Standard models are available for remote switching via a wall light or separate switch while other models may operate via a timer (with integrated adjustable time delay), via pull cord, or via a PIR (passive infra-red) sensor which switches the extractor fan on and off when the room is entered or vacated. A staggering choice of top quality Bathroom and Shower Extractor Fans at internet only prices.
Preventing condensation build up, damp, mould and odour, a simple 4 inch model will help to keep your bathroom beautiful! A certified electrician is necessary for the installation of additional cabling and isolation point if needed. If you want a particularly quiet extractor fan then choose a unit with a dB level less than 32.
Gravity grilles are usually used as they prevent back draughts, but these grilles shouldn’t be used with weak extractor fans as the air won’t be strong enough to push open the louvers. The choice of bathroom extractor fan has never been greater, including those with timers, those with PIRs, those with humidistats, low voltage fans, low energy fans, slimline fans, and inline fans. These are suitable for standard installations where the fan is intended to be ducted through the wall.

The choice of fan largely comes down to the room it’s to be installed in and customer preference. Gravity exterior grilles are also not ideal for installation near a bedroom window as they can be noisy when they clatter shut. Generally, axial extractor fans are the quietest, whereas centrifugal fans can be quite noisy. Centrifugal fans are particularly well suited to installations where long duct lengths are required.

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