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Das EVE Fanfest 2013 ruckt mit gro?en Schritten naher und der islandische Entwickler CCP bereitet sich bereits auf die Jahrzehnt-Party vor.
Das Jahr 2013 ist vor allem fur die Fans von EVE Online etwas Besonderes, feiert das Spiel doch sein zehnjahriges Jubilaum. Die Besucher konnen sich unter anderem auf exklusive EVE-Prasentationen, Live-PvP-Turniere, Rundtisch-Diskussionen mit Spielern und Entwicklern, eine EVE-Soundtrack-Performance vor dem Festival, dargeboten vom islandischen Symphonieorchester, und das Kennenlernen des Nachtlebens in Reykjavik mit den Entwicklern bei den CCP Pub Crawls freuen. CCP Games have opened sales for tickets to EVE Fanfest 2013, being held April 25-27 2013 at the Harpa Conference Center in Reykjavik, Iceland. The EVE Fanfest is an annual gathering for EVE Online and DUST 514 players and developers to celebrate the EVE Universe which is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary during the Fanfest event.
As such, this year’s Fanfest will be the most spectacular yet with gamers from all over the world meeting up to share strategies, chat with EVE developers, explore upcoming features and meet up in-person with their online allies and adversaries. Jon Lander, the executive producer of CCP Games’ EVE Online, tells me this during an interview on the first proper day of the company’s Fanfest 2013 event in Reykjavik, Iceland last month. However, after three days surrounded by developers and EVE devotees, I came to understand this as the foundational idea and central thesis of the game.
By the end of the event the mantra that the world of EVE Online is every bit as real as the physical world has been repeated during every panel, every roundtable discussion, and every keynote. CCP Games' decision to house the American media corps in the Centerhotel Plaza at the base of Austurstraeti seems like a tactical choice to make this year’s Fanfest Pub Crawl as accessible as possible. Austurstraeti is the main street in Reykjavik’s shopping and night life district, which makes for easy traveling.
Behind the hotel lie the parts of Reykjavik that more closely resemble where its 200,000 citizens live and work every day. That feeling stays with me for the rest of Fanfest, especially when I watch two EVE players get married at the end of the first day or when the artist running CCP’s ad hoc tattoo parlor tells me that at least 50 people have gotten the Guristas logo permanently etched into their skin.
Later, during the EVE Online keynote, the 1,500 people packed into the Eldborg auditorium lost their collective minds over the news that the game’s upcoming expansion, Odyssey, would move ice mining from belts to anomalies. Equal parts celebration, pilgrimage, and bacchanal, Fanfest is an annual event devoted originally to all things EVE Online, but the festival has increasingly expanded to cover CCP’s other offerings.
Fanfest 2013 was reportedly the largest one to date, which reflects not only EVE Online’s steady growth but also the heightened excitement surrounding the game’s 10th anniversary this year.
John is a member of Surely You’re Joking, an Alliance that specializes in exploiting EVE’s wormhole mechanics. EVE Online’s sustained success and popularity can be attributed to a mix of intricate, open systems that allow equally intricate social structures. Lander calls it “the infernal machine… You have to harvest things to build things to blow them up. The trick, “the most manipulative, sort of Machiavellian thing we ever did,” Lander says, was to host the entire game on just one server.
Lander continues, regaling me with the story of Chribba, a player that “has never done a bad thing in EVE, since day one.” Chribba’s claim to fame is his elaborate Veldspar mining operation. These types of player-driven stories have a way of propagating through the EVE community in local, in-client chat rooms, private corporation- and alliance-governed forums, and fan sites. Steve Shultz is an EVE player from the Twin Cities, a rookie fleet commander in an alliance called Gentleman’s Agreement.

That desire to take part in and shape EVE’s collective history creates meaning for people, according to Lander.
Scott, the player from Mississippi, has spent most of his career as a member of the United States Coast Guard. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Conde Nast. Mit der Kommunikation zwischen Spielern und Spielergruppen au?erhalb der virtuellen Eve-Welt, dem gro?en Fanfest in Reykjavik, aber auch vielen weiteren Fantreffen mit jeweils mehreren hunderten Menschen in Australien, in Russland, in Japan, wo auch immer auf der Welt, wird eine Brucke geschlagen zwischen der virtuellen und der wirklichen Welt. Das Happening findet in der Harpa, dem gro?en und neuen Konzert- und Kongresszentrum Reykjaviks statt.
Etwas ganz Besonderes gibt es zum Auftakt des diesjahrigen Fanfests, und auch hier trifft die virtuelle auf die wirkliche Welt: Zum 10-jahrigen Bestehen von Eve online am 6. Auch wenn man gerade nicht in Reykjavik ist, so kann uber einen Livestream man doch virtuell am Fanfest teilnehmen. Und auch die Verschmelzung der beiden Titel EVE Online und Dust 514 ist fur die Macher nach der langen Entwicklungszeit ein wahrer Grund, mit der treuen Fangemeinde einen zu heben und gemeinsam uber die Zukunftsplane der beiden Spiele zu sinnieren. Eine Schlacht von gewaltigen Ausma?en, an der uber 2.800 Spieler beteiligt waren, setzte einen Meilenstein in der Geschichte des Weltraum-MMOs als die beiden gro?ten Cooperations, Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC) und die Honeybadger Coalition (HBC), in einem epischen Gefecht aufeinander prallten und sich eine packende Massenschlacht lieferten.
The three-day event will culminate with a massive party commemorating EVE’s 10-year anniversary where players of both EVE Online and DUST 514 will celebrate EVE’s success with the game’s developers and executives. All human interaction—be it face-to-face, in an online forum, or expressed through a series of intricate systems and delicate game mechanics—has value. The Harpa, Reykjavik’s newly-constructed concert hall and convention center, is nearby as well.
Small shops and houses with exposed beams sit along narrow, one-way, cobblestone roads connected by an intricate network of alleys, cut-throughs, short cuts, gardens, parks, and courtyards. I have to conduct an online search to find out that the Guristas are a prominent group of NPC pirates in EVE Online, prowling the game’s lawless hinterlands for easy marks.
Attendees this year hear about the upcoming free-to-play first-person shooter Dust 514 and the Vampire: The Masquerade-based MMO World of Darkness. That number looks modest when pitted against World of Warcraft’s multiple millions, but EVE—and CCP along with it—has grown steadily since its launch in 2003. Players band together to form corporations, multiple corporations form alliances, and multiple alliances form coalitions.
Named “Tranquility,” CCP’s massive server is located in London and operates all of EVE Online and Dust 514. M0o was one of the game’s earliest and most ruthless groups, notorious for squatting on interstellar bottlenecks and pirating anyone and everyone who came through.
Collectively they form EVE’s shared history, from the halcyon days of the Great War to present-day tensions between the game’s massive coalitions. He hated EVE Online for the first six months he played it and was prepared to quit until he read an account of an alliance called Gents.
Perhaps the most exciting news from the event for fans was CCP’s announcement that the True Stories initiative—a compendium of player-submitted schemes, plots, and wars—would be the foundation for a set of transmedia projects. High-level politics and diplomacy aren’t interesting to him—“I’m not that kind of player,” he says.

It's fitting for a brutal game developed in a harsh, primeval country of glaciers, volcanoes, sulfuric geysers, and impromptu snowstorms. Jedes Jahr im April versammeln sich Eve online-Spieler aus allen Herren Lander zum gro?en Eve online Fanfest. Unter dem Motto ,Make Eve real‘ (Mache Eve wirklich) stehen dieses Mal sogar drei Vortrage von Wissenschaftlern im Programm, die alle uber Themen sprechen, wie jetzt technische Moglichkeiten, die es in dem Science Fiction Spiel Eve online bereits gibt, wissenschaftlich von Professoren in Universitaten, der Nasa und etablierten Forschungsinstituten untersucht werden: Weltraumlifte, die Suche nach Ressourcen in Asteroiden und Schneller reisen als Lichtgeschwindigkeit. Gabe es sie nicht wirklich, konnte man mit ihrer besonderen glasernen Architektur und Fluchtlinien fast meinen, man befande sich irgendwo in einer anderen Galaxie, weit weg in der Zukunft.
Mai 2013 wird die Musik eigentlich digital am Computer eingespielte Musik aus dem Spiel im gro?en Saal (Eldborg) der Harpa erstmals, sozusagen analog, vom Sinfonieorchester Islands bereits am Mittwochabend live zu Gehor gebracht.
We were in the midst of a larger conversation about monetization and his company’s business practices. Wandering around I see people in their offices working, someone hanging art in a gallery, and a woman baking bread. Senior producer Andie Nordgren (also known as CCP Seagull) told the audience that they would soon be able to launch seven probes at once instead of the paltry three they’d suffered with until now. It’s a place for fans to gather and attend panel and roundtable discussions, but the celebration is also a chance to rub shoulders with CCP’s various development teams during private dinners, charity poker tournaments, and the aforementioned pub crawl. Chribba made, and continues to make, his fortune by acting as a third-party arbiter and escrow holder. This group systematically dismantled a rival alliance in a region called Vale of the Silent. This initiative includes a Dark Horse-published comic series and a TV show helmed by Icelandic director Baltasar Kormakur. But the Iceland I saw is also breathtakingly beautiful, and even at its rowdiest, Reykjavik—and Fanfest—feels cozy, intimate, and comfortable. Fur Reykjavik ist dies, neben dem Iceland Airwaves Festival, eines der gro?ten internationalen Festivals des Jahres.
Aber sie konnen hier auch als Erste erfahren, was wir so alles an Neuigkeiten im neuen Jahr zu bieten haben, konnen mit unseren Designern und Programmierern in Kontakt kommen und ihnen ihre Wunsche fur Neuerungen in Eve online personlich mitteilen.
April 2013 laden die Macher Hobby-Piloten und Soldner aus aller Welt nach Reykjavik auf Island ein, um die Festlichkeiten gemeinsam im Harpa Conference Center zu genie?en.
I was a bit perplexed by the thunderous, riotous applause that greeted these seemingly minor in-game tweaks, but I suppose that as an outsider that’s kind of the point.
According to chief marketing officer David Reid, that's enough to bankroll EVE’s ongoing expansions as well as development on Dust 514 and World of Darkness.
Die gro?e Anzahl von Eve-Adepten, meist schwarz gekleidet oder gar in der Kluft ihres virtuellen Daseins bereichern dann auch im Stra?enbild und lassen sich nicht ubersehen. I’ve never met them before, but I talk to them four or five times a week.” Scott has been playing EVE Online since 2006.
Fans lassen sich Eve-Tattoos stechen oder heiraten sogar auf dem Fanfest“, freut sich Arnar Hrafn Gylfason, der Senior Producer von Eve online.

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