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WIDE BEAM ANGLE DESIGN, make the light very soft and beam angle is big enough to replace the main lighting, replace the traditional downlight well. Different smart power strips with different combinations of these features are available for purchase so find the right one for you and begin making strides in your home or apartment to save yourself valuable money and energy. 8 Energy Efficiency Questions to Ask Your Landlord or Yourself about Your New Apartment or Home.
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Every apartment or home has at least one—and probably more.  Power strips create an easy way to keep electronics plugged in when regular outlets have reached capacity. Some power strips let you plug these items into grouped outlets, turning all of them on or off at the same time.  For example, in one strip the blue outlet is the control outlet, and all the white outlets are connected to it.
But their convenience can encourage homeowners to leave electronics plugged in all the time, and many devices keep drawing power even when you’re not using them. If you plug your television into the blue outlet and all those other accessories into the white ones, the strip will control the accessories based on if the TV is on.

Other outlets are always on or controlled individually, so they can be used for a phone, clock, or other device that might need energy even when the TV is off.

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