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In the architecture category you can see : modern houses with a ”wow”-effect, exterior and interior inspiration, landscaping ideas, astonishing buildings from all around the globe and focus on sustainability-these are just a few of the highlights in this category. Crompton Greaves, Encon Industries ceiling fan model 1200mm from the late 1970s, early 1980s.
2000 Encon Princess 107 cm (42'') Ceiling Fan My FIRST ceiling fan that I ever got finally seen in motion. Learn how to maximize the potential of each room in your home by simply viewing incredible works of world-renowned designers and architects, gathered into a single place. Get the most recent pictures of Encon Ceiling Fan on this page, and you may get the photos here for personal use. We hope that you are all enjoying our gallery of the most wonderful picture of Encon Ceiling Fan here and manage them for personal usage. We have the easiest online ordering system where you can save and easily access your own favorite items at the click of a button. We also deliver the images in High Quality (HQ) Resolution that can be loaded to your desktop. The photo collection of Encon Ceiling Fan showed on this blog is some of the best pictures around the internet and has been viewed by 84 visitors.
I was just amazed how quiet it was compare to the Princess because the biggest problem I always had with the Encon was the loud humming and all the vibrations sound it made.
Bowman says that The drafts are based on the single unit, which awards total pliability to how broad you desire them to exist. An ENCON evaporator dramatically reduces disposal waste turning wastewater to clean water vapor. Don't forget to comment and rate.Encon Casanova hugger ceiling fans (in reverse direction) in my grandparents' house Recorded in February 19 2011) Here are 2 Encon Casanova hugger ceiling fans in my grandparents' house (my mom's parents' house).
Since then, we have earned a reputation as a leading MEP consulting engineering firm specializing in the. Anyway, this was taken February of 2011 (when I was 15), this was after I made my own YouTube account in my house. They both push great air on high for an Encon, in reverse they push the air up against the ceiling (in the brass wood-blade video you can hear it well).

For EPISLON120:They have a basement downstairs with 2 ceiling lights (with pull-chains), I haven't filmed them yet, so maybe when I go there again (probably in summer 2012 maybe I'm not sure) , I will (try to) do a video of them.
Because of our varied technical capabilities, we are able to determine the root causes of environmental issues and suggest methods to correct and control problems.
This fan (used to be well balanced until December 2010) is now wobbling badly on high,because one of the blades (or 2) is throwing off it's balance. Recorded on October 9 2011) Okay ceiling fan lovers, decided to do a full video of showing all 3 Encon Monarchs running on all speeds. Encon is a wholesale distributor in the access control industry that stocks a huge variety of products and guarantees superior customer service and expert technical support. I flipped the blades over to the cane side,and then take a video of it to let people see it 100%. Again,this fan use to be well balanced until December 2010 it wobbled badly on high (in this video you'll hear that creaking noise on high,I held on to the fan (for 2 or 3 seconds) in the process of this video),and my sister Hannah really likes the cane side of the blades (mostly). Doing some work on changing a water pipeEncon Crompton Greaves Fans : Replacing Worn Out Controls After 30 years, the speed controls on the Crompton Greaves ceiling fans that get used everyday are getting pretty worn out.
The fans will probably never wear out so I am glad I found some new controls for them.42" Encon Premeir Deluxe Spinner Ceiling Fan Here is a vintage encon premier deluxe spinner ceiling fan.
It was actually not my first time I put these blades on this fan, my first time I ever put these blades on was in late May 2011 and I took a picture of it (not shown in this video) on my (old) Nikon camera. The EnCon Companies are specialty contractors providing engineered concrete products and services to the commercial, multi-family residential, heavy highway, military and public works construction communities. Both of these fans (that are still working) (plus a few others which were taken down) were installed by the house's previous owners. Here's a link to this fan running with the cane blades showing:Processed Cheese Plant by ENCON Consulting Engineers ENCON Consulting Engineers specializes in design, manufacturing, installation & commissioning of equipment, plants & machinery for Process Industries. Our expertise also includes planning, quality control and customer training of equipment and its maintenanceBrass Encon Casanova hugger ceiling fan (in forward direction) Here is my very first 2012 uploaded video, so here it is!
The fan is wireless (and so is the white one in the kitchen), and the light-kit was controlled on a light dimmer. I took 2 other videos of the same fan,one with cane and 3 light-kit (that I took off the Sierra fan),and the other with the 4 light-kit on it (which doesn't work right now).

You'll see that the blue wire (for the light-kit) broke off by accident at the end of November 2010,and it really needs to be fixed. Maybe when my dad comes back home (and after I take the fan down),maybe my dad can handle the capacitor. It still uses the slide dimmer wall control (which I'm going to remove it off the fan and attach it to the light).
There used to have 5 Encon Monarchs with 1 Sierra Victorian Copy in this house,but sadly the 3 Encon Monarchs of 5 were replaced with 3 different fans,but one of the replaced Encon Monarchs is still here,yes it's my old bedroom fan. Anyway this fan use to spin the same RPMs (almost like my new bedroom fan the Her!tage from Kmart),but then sadly from September 20th - December 26th 2009 the speeds slowed.
Any who,I took a couple videos of this fan in late May,one without the blades and the other with the blades on the fan (click at 2:31 to see with the blades on) ,yes it has cane blades on the other side.
This ceiling fan is really cheap, but I had a request for a video of it so here it is.Encon Casa. I got this fan for free from an older couple at church in like new condition, complete with the manual.
I never would have picked it up had it not been free, I'm not much a fan of it and that light kit is all wrong. Moves decent air for an Encon, not too noisy either.Sierra Victorian Copy with all 5 Encon Monarch blades Recorded on July 7 2012) To those that wanted to see the Sierra Victorian Copy with all 5 Encon Monarch blades, here you go! The only 2 problems with this fan (one that happened in Winter or Spring 2011, and the other problem that happened in 2012), one is that I (still) couldn't find the other globes (that look the same like the ones shown in this video), the other is that the Original pull-chain for the light-kit broke off on March 2, 2012 (around 7 pm), and wasn't until 2 months later, I put the new chain on it, and it works better than the old sticky one, oh and one more thing (actually) is that the screw for the switch cap (for the light-kit) is not on there, as I didn't have enough time to find it. Our expertise also includes planning, quality control and customer training of equipment and its maintenanceMy Encon Monarch ceiling fan (flushmounted) with the new capacitor Recorded on August 9 2011) Okay here it is, my Encon Monarch 52" ceiling fan (flushmounted) with a new capacitor (that I just received on July 29 2011).
Sadly the globes (which originally came with the 4 light-kit) are now gone (months ago), so I'll have to go to a store to find at least 4 of them to buy which look exactly like the ones in these 3 (actually 2 pictures which showed all 4 same globes). Also September 26 2011 was the day I got the 4-light-kit working, and the September 30th was also the day the switch cap is found, yay.

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