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Emerson has been making quality fans since the late 1800s and continues to make quality fans today. A receiver is necessary when you have exhausted all other forms of remote troubleshooting, and not been able to come to a conclusion on how to resolve the issue.
Emerson now has a full line of ceiling fans including high-end "showroom" models with said K55, elegant designs (including those by Kichler) and inexpensive, simple models for new construction. This ceiling fan upgrade bundle makes use easier and more convenient, both of which are very important in today's fast paced world.
This can be as simple as something like a pullchain, all the way up to a complete motor replacement kit.

The Emerson Ceiling Fan Upgrade Bundle features a wall control, an accent light kit, and a receiver kit.
Remotes and receivers are a common problem no matter which ceiling fan you have - whether it's an Emerson or other. Actually, often times when you feel that you may have a problem with the motor, it is actually a capacitor that is causing the issue. The Remote and Accent Light Upgrade Bundle includes one SR605 remote control, one AL100 accent light kit, and one RC188 remote receiver. You have gone through troubleshooting of how to program the remote with the fan (this usually will come as a user's guide with the remote).

If the fan is running slow even though you have it cranked on the highest speed, that could be a capacitor issue. In some cases the new remote will have dipswitches, in other some programming might be involved. If the fan is humming but the blades are not spinning, this could be related to the capacitor.

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