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This product comes as a downloadable ZIP file in your My Account menu under Downloadable products. The extreme convenience required to install this in-line water heater makes the higher cost seem trivial.
This heater has the added convenience of the dual element heater above, but at a lower cost since it only uses one element. This 1500W Ceramic element is one of the safest electrical elements possible since it is self-limiting.

This system easily adapts to the original water heater system that comes with internal combustion vehicles.
Note: it is highly recommended to build safety measures into your heater system in case the blower happens to fail while the elements are switched on. Removing the dash, tearing into the firewall, and making a custom mounting bracket are things of the past with this heater.
Simply mount the components in the engine compartment and route the heater hose to the original heater lines in the vehicle.

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