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The AM03 Pedestal Fan is a blade-less pedestal fan from Dyson that offers a step-up from the company's AM02 Tower Fan model.
The first time I saw a Dyson Air Multiplier Fan in photos, I honestly didn't know what kind of contraption it was. The popularity of the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan is credited to its provision of smooth, non-buffeting air.
He invented the bladeless fan where the air from around and behind the machine is drawn into the airflow through the physical processes referred to as inducement and entrainment. The air that is accelerated through an annular aperture set within the loop amplifier creates a jet of air.
I found out that the AMO3 is now available through the Dyson website and selected design stores stores.
That said, the Dyson Pedestal Air Multiplier Fan will surely be seen by many of us as a pricey purchase. Dyson fans use Air Multiplier™ technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow. Streamlined air channels for reduced airflow turbulence make AM08 Pedestal Fan 35% quieter than AM03.
Fan can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours.
The new and improved Dyson Cool AM06 Bladeless Desk Fan fixes that noise problem — it’s 75 quieter and comes with a remote control so you can change settings from afar.

If you want a larger tower fan, the new AM07 bladeless fan is 60 percent quieter and consomes 10 percent less power.
With no blades, this revolutionary Dyson fan avoids the loud buffeting and spinning sounds along with the dust accumulation on grates and blades of a normal fan.
Air multiplier technology amplifies surrounding air giving an uninterrupted stream of smooth air unlike conventional fans. Featuring Air Multiplier technology with an annular jet system that can multiply airflow up to 18-times that of standard pedestal fans.
Embracing change for the better is good and that is how my recent decisions have been made from the mundane to the most important ones. It is a fact though that there are over 100 patents pending on the technology used in the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan. There is also another option which is the AMO2 Tower Fan, shown above, together with the AMO3. I don't usually indulge in such kind of purchases myself but for this I'd gladly make an exception, if budget permits. By using this website, you are accepting our cookies policy and consenting to cookies being used.
And, finally, if you really want to step into the high-end, you can nab the new AM08 Pedestal bladeless fan with 35 quieter operation and 15 percent less power consumption.
The Dyson Air Multiplier stability, with the motor mounted at the base, and lack of blades makes it safe for kids and pets.
A remote control unit is included for push-button toggling through current speeds, with an integrated touch-tilt mechanism for 20-degree adjustment in either direction, with 90-degree oscillation for full-room cooling capabilities. If you knew me personally though, you wouldn't expect me to consider it for our own home use essentially because it would be too modern for my taste.
While before I always stick to the traditional choices, I am now more open to innovations especially with products which can make living more pleasurable and engaging.

Compared to the original desk fan (AMO1), the floor standing machines produce 50% greater airflow since it is specifically engineered for use in larger spaces. With the same advantage of having no spinning blades like its predecessor, the AMO3 Pedestal comes with the additional advantage of being able to set the height and the angle plus easy adjusting and tilting.
If that description proves a technical mouthful, suffice it to say that such an invention made it possible to have the usual benefits of an electric fan without the blade that can be both a noise and safety concern especially for children. The deskfan (AMO1) retails at PHP 22,000 while the pedestal fan (AMO3) retails at PHP 28,500.
I have been changing stand fans very often in our home and have sunk in quite a sum in totality.
If your order has already shipped out, we can still make corrections but we will charge $15.00 to do this. The only kicker is that they’re pretty noisy fans, which means sleeping at night with one on is all but impossible. The Sleep Timer allows the AM08 to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. From a writer who had a hard time letting go of the manual typewriter, I was switching from  a desktop to a laptop computer in one sitting while looking at the smartphone on the side, all in the name of blogging and not exactly a lifestyle change. Touch tilt and smooth 90° oscillation and dimmer-switch provide precise control with variable power versus the limited settings of conventional motors.
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