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Gorgeous bathroom with white beadboard walls and charcoal gray and white interlocking circles floor tile. DC Design House - Amazing Stroheim Cranston Lattice Fabric in Granite lining back of custom made gray painted built-ins with ginger jars, foo dogs and books. Walk-in closet features a wall lined with cabinet fitted with gray fabric paneled doors with silver nailhead trim flanked by gray shelves and cabinets. Chic bedroom features a dark wood media cabinet and flatscreen TV next to a gray wingback chair upholstered in Mary McDonald Garden of Persia Dove Fabric.

At InsideSeen we’re welcoming spring with open arms and plenty of new interior design ideas, inspirations, and general designs!
Peacock Toile Fabric in Cerulean Blue, Tuilleries Upholstery Fabric, Biscayne Upholstery in Bluestone, Shiga Fabric in Aqua, Mod Upholstery in Glass, Lucas Upholstery in Indigo, and Linen Sheer Vertical Stripe Drapery in Periwinkle.
As the daughter of an interior designer, Brianna Smyk has spent a lifetime cultivating a knowledge of and appreciation for the art of interior design. If you’re searching for a way to cozy up designs to make the winter cold more bearable, look no further than the chenille designer fabrics available from FabricSeen.

With a keen eye and discerning aesthetic, Brianna works to bring you the best dispatches from the design world. Pairs of warp yarns are crossed in a figure eight around filling or weft yarns to create fluffy strands that resemble caterpillars. These soft and supple discount upholstery fabrics are just what the interior decorator ordered, and with FabricSeen’s signature discounts of up to 80% off, these low cost fabrics will help you create warm and welcoming interior designs for less!

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