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With this high quality attic fan, you will dramatically cut your cooling costs in the summer. If your roof system uses a gable vent on the vertical peak wall of your house to ventilate your attic, this is the perfect fan for you. This Extra High Capacity Rand Solar Attic Fan provides up to 1274 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of ventilation, and can successfully cool an attic space up to 1813 square feet.
Solar panel includes adjustable angle bracket so you can dial in the optimal panel angle relative to the sun. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction is more durable and corrosion resistant than steel or aluminum used by others. This makes a great do-it-yourself project, or, if you are uncomfortable doing the work shown in the steps, just about any competent roofer or carpenter can do it for you. Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Pace, Milton, Gulf Breeze, Destin, Navarre, Navarre Beach, Ft. Residential Solar Attic FansSolar powered attic fans can be roughly classified into two major performance categories: 10 watt fans and 20+ watt solar attic fans.

This, combined with the decreased attic temperature, can increase the longevity of your entire roof system. Just mount the fan behind your gable vent, and mount the panel to the roof and it works automatically. The 10 watt solar attic fans are typically less expensive, but only move a maximum of 850 CFM of airflow.
This heat works its way into your house, and makes it more difficult to cool it in the summer.
As the Sun gets higher in the sky, your fan will automatically speed up to dissipate the extra heat. The warranty is for 5 years so I don’t think you can beat the price anywhere else trust me I looked. These are the solar attic fans that you will typically find at your local discount building supply stores.
You simply mount the fan inside your attic, behind your existing gable vent, and mount the solar panel on the roof pointing at the sun.

This means more roof penetrations, as well as more cost when installing the 10 watt fans on attic spaces larger than 1200 square feet. In the summer, it will dramatically decrease the amount of time that your air conditioning needs to run. It has quick-connect fittings, so hooking it up is extremely easy and requires no experience with wiring. If you prefer to fine tune the performance of your attic fan, you can easily install the thermostat that we include.

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