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For someone who's a fan of superhero movies, the past few years must be grand — there's almost always a new film in theaters, and it's almost always about Spider-Man.
More than 50 years ago, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko caught the attention of Marvel fans with the tale of Spider-Man in an issue of "Amazing Fantasy." The humble one-man-show, unique from other superheroes who required sidekicks or bands, won Spidey his own series.
From the comic book hero to the blockbuster success, Spider-Man continues to be a favorite (and if you're unlucky enough to suffer a spider bite, at least you can console yourself that you too might discover hidden strength, thanks to Peter Parker's example).
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Let's see what that would cost — in the infographic below, we look at the cost of being Mr. Parker back when we first met him and today, with all the technological innovations and inflation.

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