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Fasade decorative thermoplastic panels add beauty and value to your walls, ceiling or kitchen backsplash. Our 18" x 24" kitchen backsplash panels are available in 15 different style designs, ranging from traditional to modern to industrial. Your ceiling design can be anything from a highly decorative tin-style ceiling in your dining room to a functional, durable ceiling for your basement. Our 4' x 8' panels are manufactured from composite thermoplastic and are water and corrosion-resistent for exceptional quality.
From what I can tell from your pictures there is a switch ontop of the motor that should turn it on if it dosent there is probably a switch somewhere for it.
I know the inside of the fan door has some rust, but I'm hoping I could get some of the rust and all of the paint off, then perhaps spray coat it with something so it could be a metallic or black color? Eli, One other option to remove the paint is "Purple Power", it's cheap, about $4 a gallon and it'll not only take the paint off it'll degrease it completely. Once it's off, what's the best way to get all the old paint off of it?A  I've been looking through posts at some of the restoration jobs you guys have done, and they're amazing.A  The little deco details on the fan are pretty great--I'd like to get the paint off and make those details pop.

Eli, If you going to remove the old paint you must use primer so the paint will adhere to the metal.
Our traditional kitchen panel styles perfectly replicate the stamped-tin look of yesteryear. Whether you need 2' x 2' ceiling tiles, 2' x 4' ceiling panels for suspended ceiling grids or vinyl ceiling grid systems, we have it! Our unique finishes range from brushed nickel to oil-rubbed bronze to match current design, appliance and fixture trends. From my experience these usually stop working just because of dirt and grease it sucks in and that no one oiled them periodically. Also on top of the motor it looks like there may have been a know or pull switch there if it was a pull switch the chain rust off and break on these quite frequently when they have been exposed to the elements. The metal has to be completely free of oil, grease and any other substances, operating room clean. Or you can complement your stainless steel appliances with a modern, matching metallic finish.

If you can get it out of there and clean'er up and oil her I'm sure she'll spring back to life. These usually had a pull chain on-off switch and either one of those things on the bottom cowling (for a lack of the proper word) could be as Joe has said, a switch painted over. I myself would try and remove it cowling and all to restore it, just make sure you take a razor and cut the paint where the cowling meets the wall otherwise it'll most likely pull the paint off the wall with it. But it is Biodegradable and wont harm anything else but, use gloves because it'll suck all the oil and moisture out of your skin.

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