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KDK,ventilating fan,ventilation,exhaust fan,electric fan,ceiling fan,ventilation system,cabinet fan,inline fan,air moving equipment Uploaded by fanboy789 on Apr 10, 2011. The best place for all king of wall, ceiling and ventilating exhaust fan In 1913, KDK started to produce the first Alternating Current Electric Fan. Specializing in the restoration and sale of original, authentic antique and vintage ceiling and desk fans manufactured in the USA between 1890 and 1950.

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I just the ordinary person like you that want to share my little experience and collections. HLK’s aims to provide quality electrical appliances service to meet the customers need and helping people improve their lives through electrical appliances.

So I installed a new ceiling fan in the master bed room about two years ago when I was renovating my home before moving in.

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