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To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. I planned to install carpet, with the thought of using a thick padding to sort of 'hide' the uneven areas. It is 100% waterproof vapor barrier, raised from the slab by a system of channels that create an air flow underneath.
The fact that it is raised from the slab might take care of the unevenness problem as well.
I am not familiar with antimicrobial pad, we need to keep in mind that it still soaks water. The Center for Disease Control warns that any porous or organic material that gets wet in the basement (including carpet and drywall) and does not dry completely in 48 hours need to be removed and discarded.

They make no distinction between antimicrobial pads or regular and I am thinking that it is because these materials still trap organic particles (food crumbs, skin cells, pet fur, dust) which can feed mold.
In other words I would be weary of trusting that such a pad would be able to withstand moisture on its own unless I had a very clear manufacturer warranty on the product. I guess my point is (and I learned it the hard way myself) that, when it comes to home remodeling, there is inexpensive, and there is cost effective. Sometimes it is better to pay a little but more for something that will not get ruined or need replacement. That allows the slab moisture to dry up while keeping it from evaporating into the basement and soaking your carpet. The poly sheet only traps the water underneath, not allowing the slab to dry and who knows what grows under that overtime.

Considering the product is both a vapor barrier and a sub-floor, what we would be comparing it with? Plumbing accidents upstairs, a burst water heater tank, sump pump failure just to name a few.

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