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A) New alternator installed; High output 2-phase stator installed with aluminum frame brackets. B) Permanent magnet (14-pole) rotor New rotor weighs -8% less than old Bosch design rotor, and will not short out. C) Hybrid electronic combination voltage regulator and rectifier replaces original diode board and regulator.
The last time the CIC held a panel about comedy was three years ago titled "Comedy - Live Entertainment's Best Kept 'Secret'" and now that the secret's out, it's become serious, a big business.

Moderator Geof Wills, of Live Nation, who also served as the moderator of 2005's comedy panel, kicked off the session by asking if the business had become bigger. CAA's Nick Nuciforo agreed and said, "I see a lot of young guys that aren't unique or interesting. He added that to get urban comedians exposed, they have to learn how to act and write - avenues that bring artists back to standup.
Robinson pointed out that, in addition to there always being more of an interest during an election year, political comedy is always a hot topic because of the Internet and because the Daily Show and comedians like Lewis Black have gotten the youth of America interested in politics again.

According to a report in The Sun this morning, one of the richest clubs in the world earns around A?60,000 a game from thirsty fans, amounting to a hefty A?1.14 million.
It is thought that Chelsea pocket around A?350,000 of that just from their inflated prices - almost enough to pay midfield star Frank Lampard a fortnight's wages.

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