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Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. I believe the configuration in the image below is what I need in order to power a ceiling fan and recessed lights on two separate switches out of a two gang box using the existing cables.
However, what is different from the diagram is that I have a 2 way cable in the switch box that leads to all the outlets in the room, so it will need constant power. If you can run a new power line to one of the outlets, it may be an easy way to re-use the rest of the existing wiring without having to break walls open too much (less than if you run a new wire from the switch to the ceiling boxes). You might need to cut an access hole below one of the outlets and then fish a line from underneath, or cut a hole on the wall opposite the outlet, or if you're really lucky, one backs onto an unfinished space. Try to avoid opening exterior walls, as they have insulation and vapour barrier that makes repair much more complicated. If you can get at the wire from the opposite side in a closet or similar discreet space, that can make things much easier. Unless you painted very recently and have leftover paint, even color matching you probably won't get it 100%, and if you just paint over a spot on the wall, this is usually noticeable. If outlets cross doorways, there's a good chance the wire runs under the floor, and if it's an unfinished ceiling underneath, you can tap into the wire there. You might also be able to get at the wire in the wall, but this may be a bit of a guessing game.
Additional question: Can I go into the ceiling access, pull the existing hot cable from the fan box and put it into a junction box that splices two new hot cables: one for the fan box and one to my accessible outlet?
With the setup you have you cannot achieve branching non-switched wiring off to the outlets.
Per code, the white wire needs to be marked (usually a band of black or colored tape) at both ends, since it's not neutral.
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One of the easiest ways to decorate a recessed ceiling design would be to enhance the layering feature with a different paint color. Adding wallpaper to the recessed ceiling design is also a good idea because it allows more choices of design.
Talk about the best furniture in our house, we know that in this modernization there are many furniture designs which have variety designs, if you want your home looks fantastic you can use Scandinavian furniture. I come to my friend’s house located in small town to know whether his condition is alright. Part 2  My favorite on this page are the glass spheres with candles, I love how they look like floating bubbles.
Instead, if you paint the whole wall, the fact that adjacent walls (around corners) don't match 100% is not noticeable.
Keep in mind all j-boxes must be permanently accessible, so you may need to add an outlet or blank faceplate to make this work. The space is a converted garage room and there is access above, but I can't feed a new wire to the switch box. You would need to pull another cable with more wires between the ceiling power source box and the dual wall switch box.
If you love traditional home design with beautiful carvings and always dream of a chandelier over your dining table, then add the recessed ceiling into your list of ‘must-found’ for your house hunt. For adding a depth to the room, paint the moldings with brighter color and paint the ceiling inside with darker color.
Having a metallic or reflective wallpaper will double the feeling of the room size instantly.
Having them hidden between the layers is the most common technique for modern style decoration. Maybe with this furniture design can make your house looks so fantastic and very comfortable.

Is should be able to run a two way cable to one of the outlets though, and per gregmac's variation I will cap the existing two way cable in the switch box. As a minimum you will have to send a neutral wire in addition to the three you already have in place.
Recessed ceiling, or tray ceiling as it is commonly called, usually has many layers before it gets to the real ceiling.
It will also reflect the lights from your lamps and create an interesting play of lights in the room. Therefore he provides small garden which is full of leafy trees and colorful flowers to provide fresh air and peaceful atmosphere around his small house. Plan your adventure with the Venue Safari guides as we feature locations around the country (and world!)…. So that means either running a 4-wire plus GND cable or else running an additional 2-wire plus GND. Wallpapers with a photo or a painting of the sky will make your ceiling look extra grand, while those with natural things like grass, woven bamboo or cork will work great with wooden walls. In the latter case the added two wire cable could be deployed to route Hot and Neutral to the switch box and stop using the confusing white wire for this purpose as depicted in your picture.
With proper attention and care, this often overlooked feature could be a crucial focal point to your room. We are always adding new venues so be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or subscribe to our feed to stay updated. Last but not least, covering the recessed ceiling design with ceiling tiles are also a viable option, with materials such as slate, Styrofoam, steel, plastic, and cooper to aluminum.

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