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It wasn’t too long ago when I wrote about this lovely chandelier and wished it gone from the ceiling! Then there were ceiling boards to prime and paint and nail up; but at the end of the day weekend, this is how the ceiling had changed. There are a lot of loose ends lying around this blog and this post aims to tie some of them up into bows. Back in July I posted eight kitschy items of Clara’s for readers to pick their favorites.
Five items tied with six votes each: The wooden butterflies, the owl switch plate, the orange metal shelf, the pantry sign, and the old California license plate.
He does seem to do better on the rides back to Pittsburgh, and tonight’s ride was the best yet. We are actually hoping we get to see all Charlotte’s children fly off in their parachutes this spring.
Every time we opened the doors to the kitchen for the first time after the house had been closed up for a few days there was an unpleasant smell. Remember a few posts ago when I told you about taking down the wall cabinet and how delighted we were because it lightened up the kitchen so much?
Another reason the smell might be lessening is because I have been scrubbing the kitchen walls.
If one squints the eyes, one can almost imagine that this corner of the kitchen is finished. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. This question came from our site for electronics and electrical engineering professionals, students, and enthusiasts.

Oh, and just off hand, unless you run an extra cable from the light switch to the ceiling fan, you won't be able to do it.
Many fans sold today have remote controls for fan and light functions, you only need to supply unswitched power to the fan.
More than likely, one of the lower black wires is the hot source, and it is connected to the other lower black to power another box, and is also connected to the existing switch. You can install a double switch or two separate switches in the box to separately control the fan and light.
At the ceiling box, the white goes to white, the black goes to the wire for either fan or light, and the red goes to the other.
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged electrical wiring or ask your own question. In a gangbox with switches on two different circuits, how can I identify which neutrals are associated with which circuit?
How should the DM manage the discrepancy between the player's memory and their PC's memory? The results are in, and except for the orange telephone, which was the clear favorite with eight votes, the rest of the results are inconclusive.
He has now ridden up and back with us six times, which actually totals twelve different rides. They were covered with dried wallpaper paste (and who knows what else?) so in preparation for repairing them, I’ve been doing serious scrubbing. We’ve got some outside painting that has to get done to protect the wood, so kitchen work will stop for a couple of weeks, while we tend to the outside. Unless it was planned out and two wires run from the junction box to the ceiling, you would need to add that in.

Remotes offer several advantages and some can be surface mounted to act like a wall switch.
If so, you should have a red wire in the ceiling box that is unused and probably capped with a wire nut. In a modern, properly wired system, there also should be these, both from each cable and at the fan.
When I was taking down all the junk by the front door, it was supposed to be the first thing to go. And you can also see in this photo how nicely the old wooden top fits on the built-in cupboard.
Then once the new holes were drilled, the nuts weren’t long enough to go through the thick doors. Ground wires are connected together and to the base of devices, switches and metal boxes or fixtures.
I read once that photographers like the light in spring and autumn the best, because the sun hits the earth at an angle and makes shadows. In everything give thanks.” I am not all the way capable of so much, but those are the right instructions.

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