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The featured fan was restored in gloss black for a repeat client's historic Madison,Connecticut beach home. Call Steve Carter Electric today to have your ceiling fan installed or replaced - indoor or outdoor! Whether you're looking to simply add some light to your kitchen and bath or wanting to completely remodel and create your dream, from design to the finishing touches we're here through the process to make it easy and beautiful! Sometimes you just need someone to help you figure out what's going on!  We're glad to put our expertise to use and find and eliminate potentially dangerous electrical issues in your home or workplace.
One of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade the look of your entire house is by having your switches and outlets updated.  From new installs to replacements, we do it all!
As San Diego’s trusted electricians, we’ve been in hundreds of homes and found hundreds of varieties in taste.
On the other hand, when ceiling fans, outlets, exhaust fans and switches fail, home enjoyment plummets. Give yourself the gift of beautiful and well-functioning lighting, so that your wall textures, artwork, sculpture and countertops shimmer, and you feel happy in your home.
Custom Kitchen Remodels: The center of the home must be warm, inviting and well lit, all at the same time. Custom Bathroom remodels: Combining electricity and water in a tight space takes a professional. Ceiling Fan Installation and Repair: A ceiling fan can not only tie a room together, it can help homeowners save on heating and cooling bills as well.
Diego, we are proud to join the effort to reduce harmful environmental emissions and the dependence on foreign oil. Electrical Switches & Outlets: How long have you been putting up with that bad switch or outlet? Fluorescent Lighting and Ballast Installation and Replacement: The long tube lights in many kitchens, garages and workplaces can give homeowners and office managers fits. Fluorescent bulbs are filled with gas that, when sparked by an electrical pulse, creates light. Mathewson Electric can get your fluorescent lighting installed or existing units diagnosed and fixed fast. Bath and Exhaust Fan Installation and Repair: A well-functioning exhaust fan in the bathroom not only removes odors, it evacuates the humidity that can cause dangerous mold and mildew, preventing costly repairs down the line.
Troubleshooting: Flickering lights, quickly burning out bulbs, warm switch plates and more could mean serious trouble for homeowners.
Whether you need a new construction or remodel estimate, lighting retrofit, generator installation or other electrical service, Mathewson Electric will provide a fair bid.
About Dave MathewsonDave Mathewson is responsible for Residential Electrical Services here in San Diego.
For the backyard entertainer, any of our Barn Ceiling Fans would be ideal for outdoor usage. Our Machine Age Galvanized Ceiling Fans, shown on the right, were also used within the Orlando Vision House.
With the options ranging from country to contemporary, it’s hard to think of a reason not to incorporate a ceiling fan into your design plans. Don't put up with trying to hide those cords when you can have it professionally installed and looking great within a few hours.
Whether we’re in Rancho Bernardo, La Jolla, Point Loma or El Cajon, however, one thing remains the same.

Our San Diego electricians services illuminate your indoor or outdoor style and get your home running smoothly again. Whether you’re doing a complete remodel or a simple upgrade, Mathewson Electric pays close attention to your vision and offers solutions to match any budget.
Mathewson Electric can move switches, add new outlets and even install appliances in ways that complement your new lighting.
We’re surprised every time we install a new fan and have to explain to the owner that running the fan clockwise pushes the heated air on the ceiling down to the warm those in the room. We’ve found ceiling fans as whimsical as a rooster theme, as modern as stainless steel and as rustic as antler adorned. Members of the San Diego branch of the Electric Auto Association, we’ve installed Clipper Creek, Leviton, Eaton, Aerovironment and more.
Many homeowners let cracked receptacles or broken conduits go, thinking they’ll get around to fixing them themselves . The fluorescent bulb contains a device called ballast which excites the gas once the switch is tripped. When your bathroom exhaust fan starts to run loudly, you can bet dust and debris has accumulated. Mathewson Electric’s competitive pricing and expertise makes us a popular choice for local San Diego general contractors.
Here, it is highly unlikely that you wouldn’t find one to coordinate with the atmosphere of your home!
For a simple, contemporary look, the 60” Barn Ceiling Fan Equine Downblowing was used on the back porch of the Orlando Vision House 2011 (an excellent choice for the unpredictable Florida weather). This model evolved from an earlier design introduced in 1909, with the only noticeable difference between this version and its predecessor being that of the oil cup styling An unusual feature found on this fan is the domed brass or steel canopy on the top of the motor that originally concealed the fan's speed coil.
Recessed LED Trim with clean and elegant design is ideal for glare free lighting in any room of the house. Whether you choose recessed, canned lights, pendant or semi-flush options, we know the opportunities and limitations of each.
Reliable, as well as fully licensed and insured, we work with both individual homeowners and general contractors. Today, homeowners are getting bathroom lighting installed over each mirror, in cabinets, along the floor and even in the shower head. As San Diego Electricians, we know were the good feelings come from: proper lighting design and installation!
Running the fan counter-clockwise in the summer, on the other hand, pulls the warm air up and cool air in from the windows, reducing the need for air conditioning.
While the image on our homepage is of a client’s Tesla, we’ve also installed electric vehicle chargers for the Nissan Leaf, Fisker, Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, Ford Escord and Max, Honda Fit and the newcomers Fiat 500-E and Volkswagon E-Up. And yet, because fluorescent bulbs last 10 to 20 times longer than traditional bulbs and emit two-thirds to three-quarters less heat, we’ll all be dealing with them for years to come.
Because of their long life-span, it’s often cost-effective to repair them or replace the ballast rather than buy new ones. We’ll also give you tips on how to keep your fluorescent lighting in top shape so you don’t need to call us again anytime soon!
Make sure it’s running in premium order when you have a professional San Diego electrician examine it. Underlying what seems to be minor issues are often poor connections, a circuit drawing too much electricity or insulation too close to a recessed lighting box.

In recent years, there have been a few changes made; homeowners are once again using ceiling fans as a part of their decor. For the bachelor looking for something simple yet modern, there is the Cirrus Hugger Ceiling Fan, just like the fan shown to the right. The majority of our ceiling fans are available in different finishes – only adding to the flexibility of their usage.
General Electric's double canopy design offers a unique styling feature not offered on most antique ceiling fans.
This ETL classified high efficiency dimmable Trim has received Energy Star Certification for year-round energy savings. Last summer, San Diego’s Union Tribune reported that a ceiling fan can reduce air-conditioning costs by 40% in the summer and heating costs by 10% in the winter. Let us help you create a feature that not only ties all room accents together, but saves you money long term! Proper installation in the first place ensures the unit runs efficiently for its maximum lifetime. This is in part thanks to the new designs and finishes made available by manufacturers across the country. For those who want their ceiling fans to serve a dual purpose, the Cirrus Hugger is available with options for various light kits – for illumination and cooling the room. Did we happen to mention that Barn Light Electric is the only place you can find a 100% galvanized ceiling fan? If you have questions on light kits, fan controls, and mounting height, feel free to give us a call; one of our knowledgeable sales reps would be more than happy to answer any questions and diminish any doubts about your choice in ceiling fan.
Compatible with dimmer switch for different illumination needs and increased energy saving. Plumbing throws up some obstacles, as does the need for different levels of illumination in different areas.
But our indoor or outdoor lighting work has won raves from happy homeowners who get even more value from their landscaping and decorating when they complement it with precision lighting. If you have frequently blowing fuses, flickering lights, tripping circuits or an insufficient number of outlets, it may be time for a panel upgrade.
Leaving fluorescent light installation up to a professional will save you hassle and money. A complete safety inspection of your home can reveal improperly installed conduits, exposed live wires and a main pain that could be a fire hazard.
Mathewson electric has installed all kinds of lights in bathrooms both tiny and tremendous. Upgrading your panel not only helps your home run more efficiently, it can prevent electrical fires and other accidents that leave you open to lawsuits. Feel safe and comfortable in your home when you have Mathewson Electric resolve all lighting and electrical issues. Mathewson electric will inspect your wiring and distribution system and make recommendations for this era where electronics are always on. Get the issue fixed once and for all when you call Mathewson Electric at 619-219-0428 or contact us here.

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