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Slide the pillowcase over a fan blade, then press gently against the blade, and pull the pillowcase back. Using the duster with a DRY dusting head, carefully start at the canopy (top of mounting), dusting down through the downrod and motor housing. Place an old sheet on the floor beneath the ceiling fan and set up a step ladder in the position that is easiest for you to reach the fan. If the fan is dirty but not greasy, use the baby wipes to clean the ceiling fan and remove any stuck on dirt or debris.
If the fan is greasy, pour a small amount of degreaser or mineral spirit onto a baby wipe (dampen cloth, do not drench cloth), and wipe down the ceiling fan as previously instructed.
Clean the fan blades from top to bottom, taking your time to carefully scrub away any tough dirt. Throw away dirty baby wipes and take the sheet outside to shake off any dirt before washing in warm water. One of my favorite products for cleaning ceiling fans, high light fixtures, tops of cabinets, top of door frames, photo frames, etc. My next favorite is my Static Duster which lifts dirt, debris and gets rid of static cling.
I try to clean fans every season and light globes every month, but do not always get up their to do that.

We were so dumb when we remodeled although there are extensions I guess to do it… we put a ceiling fAN on a story and a half . You are not kidding about how dirty ceiling fans can get & sometimes we forget about cleaning them! Many Hunter ceiling fans include Dust Armor, a coating that repels dust from building up on the fan blades, ensuring a clean fan and home. If you are using mineral spirit, be careful as this could affect any design or silk screens on the blades.
We have three of them here in our home and if I don’t keep up with the cleaning, they get pretty dirty, pretty fast. I alternate between all of these methods depending on how dirty they are and how much time I have to spend cleaning them! However, as the seasons change (four times a year), I will remove them from the fan and hand wash them in hot & soapy water and towel dry.
However, outdoor ceiling fans with a UL DAMP rating and indoor ceiling fans with a UL DRY rating should not be subjected to direct contact with water. Every so often, my brother or his wife will actually get on a ladder & give it a good clean. I have a huge dust problem, living so close to busways, highways, and airports, so it’s a never ending battle.

We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks for dusting and cleaning a ceiling fan, including how to clean a ceiling fan on a high ceiling. With that said, it’s not very economical to use because I blow through those replacement duster heads pretty quickly.
While I like to use a Static Duster…my mother swears by her Feather Duster when cleaning ceiling fans.
My mother puts her light globes on the top rack in her dishwasher and runs them through on the lightest setting and air dries them.
I love every cleaning article you post since it motivates me to keep fighting the dust and grime!
My husband thought he was clever when he put it in, and I told him please no, but there it is.

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