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I bought this for my son and to answer your question, the globe does not spin, only the blades. Ask A Product QuestionIf you have a question about this product then please submit it below, we aim to respond within 20 minutes during office hours. As children grow older, they begin to realize that the world is made up of more than just their own backyard.
From out in the far reaches of space to under the sea, a ceiling fan can take a child anywhere it sparks their imagination to go. Purchasing Fan Blades and Other Accessories Although a brand new ceiling fan can be a great way to customize a space to match a child's unique style, it is not always an option. Fan blades are available for purchase through a number of sellers on eBay, and the fans come in a range of styles and themes. Buying Ceiling Fans on eBay for Children's Rooms There are a few things to keep in mind when purchasing any ceiling fan on eBay. Lamps, Lighting, and Ceiling Fans category, you'll have access to numerous options, one of which is choosing the Ceiling Fans subcategory in the left-side selections. Many parents focus on the numerous safety features that must be kept in mind to make their child's bedroom a safe place to sleep, play, study, and explore. There are numerous ceiling fan options with designs that feature some of a child's favorite colors, sports, and hobbies. The six blades of this fan are all the colors of the rainbowa€”red, orange, yellow, blue, green, and violeta€”and it is not gender-specific so both boys and girls can enjoy having this fan in their room. It features a display of butterflies and dragonflies on a backdrop of pretty pastel colors such as mint green, baby blue, and lavender, and comes with a schoolhouse-style globe light. What better way to coax a child into exploring the world around them than by purchasing a ceiling fan which gives them a glance into outer space? Both boys and girls who love flying will enjoy having a ceiling fan with an airplane design.

The Bloom style from Craftmade comes in a variety of color options, from pink and white to red, green, and teal.
However, this option features a more realistic view of outer space, including stars and galaxies, making it a little more appropriate for older children. Parents can even find sellers who personalize fan blades with a child's name and favorite color. These come in a wide range of styles, from children's favorite cartoon characters to animals, flowers, and even items from their favorite sports and hobbies. It is important to know exactly what is included in the purchase before finalizing the sale. Remember that in many cases, lighting fixtures for ceiling fans are available, but are sold separately. By searching for ceiling fans for children, only those items that are listed as being for children and for children's rooms decor will come up in the search. One common feature that could be of big help to parents is a ceiling fan that includes a remote control so children will not have to ask for help changing the controls on their fan. When choosing a fan, consider different themes, favorite cartoon characters, and even personalized fans to make your child's room a place that they will love. The fan's brushed-nickel finish adds a rich, traditional touch of style, and the high-performance motor and WobbleFree canopy provide optimal balance and a whisper-quiet performance.
The fan’s brushed-nickel finish adds a rich, traditional touch of style, and the high-performance motor and WobbleFree canopy provide optimal balance and a whisper-quiet performance. However, it is just as important to include fun, colorful items that will make a child's bedroom an enjoyable place to spend time.
Seven ceiling fans for children top the list as some of the best, most versatile ceiling fans for children's rooms. A lamp or other lighting source may be needed with this purchase, if there is not already one in the child's room.

Perhaps the biggest bonus with this fan is that it is reversible; while one side of the blades has a fun, kid-friendly pattern, the other side is a glossy white. This Discovery ceiling fan by Hunter features black blades painted with a moon and stars motif, along with a two-light fixture covered by a glass bowl painted to look like the planet earth. This fan would be perfect for an underwater-themed child's room, especially if paired with underwater wall decals and nautical themed bedding.
This fan includes three blades that are designed to look like the propellers of a plane, and the mount includes a solid wooden cutout in the style of an F4U Corsair. This can also make a room a little safer, since the child will not try to climb to reach the ceiling fan chain.
There are a lot of options to consider, so a good idea is to think ahead to fans that can be changed over the years so that it will not have to be replaced once a child grows out of a juvenile theme. This is helpful in that parents will not necessarily need to purchase a new ceiling fan once their child outgrows this fan and wants something a little more sophisticated. It has reversible blades with glossy black on the other side, which makes design changes easy.
It does not include a light, so parents may consider purchasing an airplane lamp to keep with the aviator theme. The glass globe of the central down-light is designed to look like a flower's center, and includes two lights. It also comes with a remote control that can do everything from changing the speed of the fan blades to dimming the light. Perhaps the best feature of this fan is the included remote control, which will make it possible for little ones to manage their own fan settings, even if they are too small to reach ceiling fan chains.

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