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Subscribe To Our Newsletter!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from the HomeTips team. Device whose rotating blades draw the warm air in a room upward in summer or push it downward in winter. Reverse Your Ceiling Fan Direction for Winter, and Save Energy Push warm air down from the ceiling, and reduce heating costs. Ceiling fan recommendations: In the winter Which direction should a ceiling fan turn in winter and which direction in summer for best effect? Ceiling fan direction pushes cool air down during summer months and ceiling fan direction should circulate warm air in the winter months.
I know I'll get flamed for this, and I know this thread is ancient, but it is relavent. And while you are up on a ladder to flip the fan switch, you might as well take the time to clean all the accumulated dust off your fan blades. This is one of the most simple yet important tasks you can accomplish for the benefit of your heating and cooling system. I hope these 3 simple tips help keep your family and home cozy and warm during this cold spell!
At Integrity Electric we provide expert ceiling fan installation for your home or business.
For superior ceiling fan installation, call Integrity Electric and set up an appointment today! In addition to increasing energy efficiency, ceiling fans can provide a great source of overhead lighting. Serving GRAND JUNCTION, MONTROSE, FRUITA, PALISADE, CLIFTON, DELTA, CRAWFORD, WHITEWATER, RED LANDS, HOTCHKISS, PAONIA, GLADE PARK, MACK, OLATHE, RIDGEWAY, OURAY, and surrounding area.
Hydor industrial ceiling fans are designed to provide positive air movement for continuous cooling in summer, they are also specifically designed to eliminate heat stratification in winter by forcing warm or heated air down saving energy in the winter, you can wire the units to operate in either forwards or reverse direction.A range of standard controllers are available to meet your requirements including a reversible controller for ease of switching between summer (for cooling) and winter (for heat reclamation) modes.

Turn the switch so your fan rotates clockwise in the winter and then switch it back to counter clockwise in the summer. Please contact me if you would like to use any media (photos, video or audio files), tutorials, or ideas from this blog. Whatever the reason you want to install a fan, Integrity Electric is ready to help with prompt and professional world class service. You may have some ceiling fans in your home that do not have a light kit, but you wish they did. However, if you decide to put a fan outside make sure you choose a fan that is specifically made for the outdoors. In addition to improving your room’s style, ceiling fans draw your eye upward to make the room look larger.
In addition, many fans are designed to receive decorative “fitters” beneath the blades that hold lamps and glass or crystal shades. Since most of my fellow southerners are not that familiar with these frigid temps, I thought a few tips on how to keep your home warm were in order. The reason for turning it clockwise is that your fan will draw up the cold air that naturally settles on the floor, bring it up to the ceiling where warm air rises, and then push the warm air back downward for a well circulated room.
Think of it this way, if you were on a tread mill working out really hard and someone comes along and places a handkerchief over your nose and mouth, reducing your oxygen, how would you feel?
The day’s southern exposure sun will pour into your home though the windows and warm it up quickly, whereas closing all the north facing windows will lock in a bit of your warmth and not let it escape through the window glass. Having a fan outdoors is a great way to make backyard entertaining and barbecuing more comfortable. Class E insulation, suitable for 40°C ambient operating temperature.HCF fans are supplied with two down rod lengths as standard. Some have a control that is wall-mounted or a hand-held remote.The lion’s share of fans are sold by a few companies, including Hunter, Casablanca, Emerson, and Fasco.

In the summer, fans create a cool breeze to keep air circulating so that it does not become too damp or stagnant.
Styles, range anywhere from traditional to modern, while the colors, come in an array of wood tones and metals.
The short down rod is 150mm, suitable where the fans are mounted below the ceiling or roof height, for example, beams. Many others import or distribute fans under a variety of labels.Most large manufacturers make housings, blades, fitters, and shades in a wide variety of styles so you can mix and match the different parts to create the fan of your dreams. It is also why a southern facing home has always been my #1 priority in purchasing a new home location.
I saw a tip of using a pillow case and now when I take the dirty cases off I use them to clean the fans also since they are already dirty. Many of these same fan makers also produce models that are sold complete through mass merchandisers.Surprisingly, most fan parts and pieces come from only three sources in Taiwan. By replacing the filters every few months, you are reducing the stress on your system and NOW is NOT the time when you want your system to feel overloaded and fail on you. Many American companies import, repackage, and distribute these components.Some companies stand out from the pack by being more innovative in design or by utilizing better materials, finishes, or proprietary manufacturing processes.
Casablanca boasts parts made of die-cast zinc, hand-lacquered blades of hardwood veneer, and the most sophisticated controls in the industry. The Hunter Original—the fan with 100 years of experience—is made in America and features a limited lifetime warranty (as do several other companies’ fans).

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