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Installing a new ceiling fan is a thrifty way to reduce your energy bills without sacrificing comfort. Once you gathered the necessary tools and materials, follow the steps below to install the fan outlet box. Insert the support brace into the opening in the ceiling and position the brace between the nearest two joists. Installing a ceiling fan is not difficult, but it may take a few hours to complete based on the fan type and your home improvement experience. Connect the grounding wires from the ceiling, downrod, and hanging bracket with a wire nut. Slide the canopy up to the mounting bracket and align the holes in the canopy with the screw holes on the bracket. Screw two housing assembly screws into the motor housing (it does not matter which screw holes you choose). Using a ceiling fan with your air conditioning and heating system reduces energy consumption and increases utility bill savings. To post questions, help other DIYers and reduce advertising (like the one on your left), join our DIY community. New to the whole DIY scene, so have a few questions regarding the installation of a ceiling fan. Judging by the 3 sets of wires (black, red, beige) will a fan with lights attached work correctly?
If you don't own the apartment you should not be doing any electrical work for reasons of liability. I'm largely assuming that because it says nothing about being fan rated, that it will need replacing.
Was hoping someone might be able to tell me whether my outlet box would be able to support a ceiling fan.

Re code - if a box or other device predates a later code requirement, isn't the test whether it will meet the intent of the later regulation?
A fan installation is a perfect weekend project for any avid do-it-yourselfer because it only requires a few hours to complete, and the payoff is immediate.
The right location ensures your safety as well as the fan's performance and efficiency. If your fan weighs more than 50 pounds when in motion, you will need a heavy duty brace for additional support. If removing a light fixture, uninstall the fixture in following order: glass fitters, light bulbs, canopy, and mounting bracket.
Separate the wire connections, with the grounded wires on one side of the outlet box and the ungrounded wires on the other side of the box. Connect the two green wires from the outlet box to the grounding wires from the wall control.
Spread wire connections apart, with the grounded wires on one side of the box and black wires on the other side of the box. Feed the wire supply through the center hole of upper switch housing, then wrap the keyhole slots around the screws and twist counterclockwise to lock into place.
Lift the lower switch housing up and line up with the screw holes in the upper switch housing. The living room had no ceiling light, but did contain a covered outlet box with wiring all ready to go.
Am thinking that maybe the light switch end of things may need to have something done to it? DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. A box that is set by being included in a poured slab should be capable of supporting the weight and movement of a standard ceiling fan, I would think.

If removing a ceiling fan, uninstall the fan in the following order: light kit, fan blades, canopy, motor assembly, and mounting bracket. Guide the outlet box through the opening in the ceiling and align the box with the u-bolt brace. If your fan includes a reverse function, confirm the fan blades spin in the opposite direction by reversing the airflow. Remember, you may sacrifice a few hours to install a ceiling fan, but the comfort and savings is worth the time. Fiigure out what side the ceiling joist is on and cut a single line in the Sheetrock with a Sawzall with an 8" wrecking blade. If the box is stuck, place a scrap of wood in the electrical box and tap the wood with a hammer to loosen the box. Thread wires through pre-assembled downrod and hand tighten downrod onto the motor coupling (about 4-5 full turns). To connect the wires, hold the bare metal leads together and place a plastic wire connector over them, then twist clockwise until the connection is secure.
Even though the wings seems sturdy enough the anchor screws should give me a peace of mind. If you're not brave and want to reduce the chance of damaging a cable use just the blade hand held. Please note that installing the light kit may vary depending on your ceiling fan with lights. I think I would pick up a couple of 4" #10s and trim them enough to run up to also engage the upper threads.

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