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We have been asked this questions many times on chat request and on the discussion forums that what is the process of delivering likes and how does the system of Facebook likes works.
First of all we want to make it clear that there no monetary value involved to the number of people who like your page. We have made a lot of research on getting real likes for Facebook pages, post, images , video and found that the best and most cost effective way of getting likes is by advertising that’s why we picked this way to generate likes.
In this process what we do we advertise your page URL on the related groups, pages, blogs and website we own and manage.
Instagram currently has more than 30 billion – that’s “billion” with a “B” – images and more than 300 million active users each month.
As a social media tool, Instagram is more powerful than Facebook and Twitter combined when it comes to brand marketing.
Visual social media offers unique strengths for telling compelling stories about your brand and business. Indeed, from brands like Burberry and Levi’s to Ben and Jerry’s and PayPal, thousands of businesses are on Instagram, creating and sharing interesting and inspiring content.
The challenge when it comes to Instagram is that as more and more people and brands jump onto the platform, the noise level for individual users is increasing. Clearly, if you ignore Instagram’s potential as a marketing channel, you do so at your own peril. In truth, as more and more people and brands jump onto Instagram, the noise level for individual users increases and for your content to really stand out from the crowd, it needs to be remarkable, interesting and add value. One of the easiest ways to juice up your Instagram engagement and maximize your Instagram impact is to mention your Instagram account on other social media channels, your website and any printed materials. As a social media marketer on Instagram, you need to be constantly aware of the top trends on the network so you can participate in those conversations when it’s relevant for your industry. Next up, the thing you need to understand about Instagram is that it is not a one-way channel for promoting your brand. Launched on October 06, 2010 and named iPhone App of the Year by Apple the following year on December 09, 2011, after 4 short years, Instagram announced in December that it is now a global community of more than 300 million users sharing over 70 million photos and videos each day.
As Instagram grows bigger, it remains a fast, beautiful and most importantly a fun-filled way for people to share their lives with friends and followers.
But what happens if you join the service and after amassing a few dozen followers, your account’s growth rate slows down and eventually stops. The key to a successful Instagram account then would be to learn absolutely everything there is to know how the social service, in particular things like what causes Instagramers to like images, what makes them become followers and how to increase the visibility and impact of your images. Perhaps the easiest way to grow your Instagram account is to connect it to your Facebook, Twitter and other social accounts so that any content you post on the photo-sharing service also gets posted across the other social platforms. Like is the case on Twitter and a few other social networking services, using the right hashtags with your images and videos on Instagram is a great way to find new followers.
Clearly, Instagram makes a strong case when it comes to social media platforms businesses should use to increase their reach and impact.
First off, to produce images and videos that are well crafted, you need to know the exact image sizes used by Instagram. So first things first, remember this image size for all content you create for marketing on Instagram.
When you take a photo using the Instagram in-app camera or upload a photo from file, you can straighten it using the Adjust tool. General Electric is an American multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Fairfield, Connecticut. Before Instagram, people didn’t know what General Electric stood for but in Instagram, the company saw the opportunity to develop an understanding for what GE does. If you run a small-scale business, you may not have the following or fan base like a company such as Coca-Cola but there is no much you can learn about branding from the way the big players do it.
Each of these companies have done something special with their social media marketing and as a small business, you have something to learn from each one of them.
The take-away: In addition to the content you create for your fans and followers on the social sites, you can also ask them for content including photos, videos and written content. When RadioShack, the undisputed authority in the wireless market, held a contest via social media to promote a new product, Verizon phones, the result was spectacular with Twitter users. The take-away: To promote engagement with your brand on the social sites, you can try to make a game out of your product or service.
While social media is not THE future of marketing, it certainly forms a big (huge?) part of it. In this article, I will dissect the strategies of 5 brands that got their social media marketing right.
If you have “Liked” them on Facebook, you know how big of a hit their ‘Daily Twist’ campaign was. Their posts were highly relevant to big events that happened in the past, only that they were “Oreo-based”. The amount of work involved, the commitment, the consistency, all of it paid off in the form of thousands of Likes and comments.

While some of us were busy complaining about the new Facebook Timeline, Red Bull decided to celebrate it by creating a game around it!
Basically, the aim was to answer questions that the admin asked, based on clues within the Facebook page. You may be asking yourself how in the world can a mustard brand have an active social media presence.
We can deny it all we want, but we all have a sense of “self-worth” attached to our social profiles.
There is a reason why big companies are using Instagram to spread the word about their business; it’s working for them! Today we will talk about a few steps you can take to give Instagram your best shot, by creating a win-win-win situation for you, your potential customers and Instagram itself.
Also, make sure to reply to the comments that people leave on your pictures, especially if they are reporting an issue that they are having with a service or product you provide. Social networks are the perfect place to show that you care about your customers and that you can make everyone happy (or at least try to!) and build trust amongst your followers. I don’t know about you, but I always wonder what’s behind that “Staff Only” door EVERYTIME I see it – it doesn’t matter which company I go to.
Give the users incentive to use your hashtag when sharing your pictures (or pictures of them using your product!).
This also allows you to monitor how much your brand is being shared and talked about (you can’t really do that if you use something generic). Directory Submission - We manually submit your site to search engine friendly directories online & you get permanent one-way links from them.
After a cold front passes the region this evening, a clear and seasonable stretch of weather will continue through the weekend. BATON ROUGE - Southern University announced its football schedule for the upcoming season on Tuesday afternoon.
BATON ROUGE - Today's Pledge of Allegiance comes from Pre-K at Sacred Heart of Jesus School. So, I thought we need to have a blog post on this so that we can explain in detail and make things clear to you. When your page is advertised on high traffic pages and websites it is seen by lots of people who become your fans.
You just need to go to the related product page from the top navigation and choose the desired package.
The amount we are charging for Facebook Likes is the actual cost of advertising on the pages and groups we own. The site generates an average of 70 million photos per day, or roughly 3 million images per hour.
It also needs a thoughtful content strategy and a clearly defined brand identity based in visual creativity and effective customer engagement. To help you develop an effective Instagram strategy for building qualified leads, here are seven simple techniques you can use starting right away. Did you know that in just 5 short years, the platform has gone from a single post shared by Instagram’s co-founder, Kevin Systrom, to more than 80 million photos shared every single day from around the globe? To really stand out from the crowd, you need to understand how to promote your content on Instagram for maximum reach and impact.
The idea is that you want to match your content to the current season, holiday or event so you can hit your audience when they are already thinking about these things.
As mentioned above, Instagram is an engaged community and to belong, you need to like and comment on other people’s photos and content.
From the beginning, as a photo-sharing and video-sharing social service, Instagram has been focused on 2 things: simplicity and inspiring creativity. For businesses and brands, the large and growing audience on Instagram is a compelling reason to join the service. If you have, give or take, a total of 100 followers, your images will get maybe a dozen likes at most. So let’s discuss the science of Instagram and how to get more followers and likes on the service.
This increases the reach and impact of your brand as friends and followers noticing your captivating imagery and rich visual storytelling will, most probably, start following you on Instagram as well. The key is to be as specific and relevant as possible to help you connect with other like-minded people.
Instagram is a platform that’s unique in its singular focus on captivating imagery and providing brands with an avenue for rich visual storytelling.
The challenge is to determine what’s unique about your brand and then share it with the world. And Nike built communities on Instagram defined by, not country borders, but by passion; the passion of fans and athletes from around the world. The way it brings together everything running related and the global running community is extraordinary and gives them a reason to feel that they are part of something bigger with hashtags like #werundirty.

Now if you were ask to picture what the Instagram account of General Electric looks like, first off, you would probably wonder: Does it have an Instagram account? In addition to successfully building awareness for its innovative technology, General Electric has managed to become one the most esteemed contributors to the Instagram community. It’s all about getting your messaging priorities to align with your business objectives and thereafter committing to a high bar for content for images posted typically once a day.
Focusing on things like key flavors, fun and the brand values, Ben & Jerry’s was one of the first brands to join Instagram in February 2011 and is now, one of the most successful accounts. To help you get started, below is a list of companies that have built their brands through engagement efforts. What you might not know about is the ruse used by this company to get people to share content. It is not a coincidence that big corporations who do not appear to need any more attention at all are jumping on social media. It’s very easy for people to start complaining about your product on any of their social accounts, and it can go viral if they mention that you’ve seen their complaint on your page, but have ignored it. An increase in links will help you improve your search engine rankings & will eventually increase the traffic to your site. But in that short period of time, the site has undergone significant growth in its user base and in nearly every demographic group. The key to success is to know how to leverage its infrastructure to target your message more effectively and reach people based on what they care about. This is a fact demonstrated to best effect by Instagram’s simple design that ultimately allows captivating imagery to take center stage. In particular, be sure to capitalize on Facebook’s integration of Instagram to reach wider audiences. Note that if you choose to connect your social accounts, there is no rule against posting a status asking your friends and followers to follow you on Instagram as well. After tagging your content, take a moment to look at pictures and videos other people shared using the same tags. And secondarily, you will probably visualize photos of light bulbs or videos of how a refrigerator works.
Expedia encourages users to share their travel experiences via Expedia’s social media apps including videos, photos and content.
This will promote engagement and perhaps benefit you two-fold if people start following you or liking you on the social sites because word-of-mouth is, you are offering an incentive.
It’s meant for you to interact with other people – a photo that someone uploaded made you giggle? If you post cool pictures, people will start looking for your pictures by searching for your hashtag. By catching them at this time, you will increase your chances of generating more likes, comments and shares. Andrew Cuomo says he had to engineer quick enactment to prevent a counterproductive buying spree of now-outlawed guns.
It can be a text status, video status or a picture for which you want to improve likes or status. We require your page URL or status URL whatever the case is and deliver likes within few hours.
We are not like others who use artificial means to generate likes but we work ethically and try to deliver most targeted real Facebook likes to your page. After all, Instagram is a growing community of 400 million and if you are not using the platform to be discovered by—and interact with—customers, you do so at your own peril.
For example, one video might be of a father and son at Disneyland Paris with the caption “The best trip ever” Another might be a narration of a trip to Phuket.
This will promote your brand and simultaneously motivate people to pay attention to your company.
Whether your end goal is to attract new fans and followers or to promote engagement for your brand, contests always work great. The NRA, which has thwarted restrictions nationwide, had members working the phones but didn't have enough time to coordinate a public rally. And yet, the expensive suits working there decided that it’s important for them to generate over 60 million Likes on their page. The gun-rights group and some New York lawmakers say the rushed legislation also undermined public input.
Same with Red Bull; they sent a guy (Felix Baumgartner) to space and had him literally jump back to Earth.
A Siena College poll shows 73 percent want the toughest assault weapon and magazine restrictions in the U.S.

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