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A double window fan is able to draw in fresh, cool air from the outside or exhaust stale, hot air from inside, and even more, it can do both simultaneously since its two fans can be set can be set independently.
Designed to fit most double hung, vertical-slider, and casement windows, this Holems fan features dual blade operation which can be set can be set independently to intake cool air and exhaust hot air. This double window fan features two fans which can be set independently, making it possible to draw in fresh, cool air from the outside and exhausts stale, hot air from inside simultaneously. Featuring a 2-speed rain resistant motor, this Optimus 7 inch twin window offers an efficient air delivery. Great for increasing airflow, this WestPoint WWF0710A-WM Twin Window Fan features two reversible twin fans that can be used to simultaneously bring in and pull out the air.

This entry was posted in Tower Fans and tagged Best Dual Blade Twin Window Fan, Dual Blade Twin Window Fan, Twin Window Fan on August 23, 2013 by longer. Featuring three speeds, electronic controls, and an LCD screen to display the selected temperature and the room temperature. It operates with less noise and high efficiency, making it ideal for living room or bedroom use. The remote control is designed for convenient adjustment, including altering airflow direction, temperature and speed. It fits most double hung and slider windows, and is thin enough so you don’t need to remove the window screen.

The carrying handle is designed for easy transport and installation, and feet for free standing operation. With fully assembled and ready to use, this fan requires less effort and no tools to install.

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