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This clever example of interior layout, by the team at Fertility Design, experiments with the introduction of retractable glass doors within the heart of a home, to divide off rooms for quiet and privacy at certain times of the day, whilst still providing the opportunity of creating a free flowing open plan space when desired.
What we are aboutOur mission is to help people visualize, create & maintain beautiful homes. Follow us for a daily dose of outstanding homes, intelligent architecture & beautiful design. However, once past the sledding and the snowball fights, the last thing any homeowner wants is house problems in the middle of the cold winter. Additionally, it is also important to prepare your lawn by removing seasonal plants and sealing patios and decks.
This attractive prefab home in Burlingame, California in the San Francisco Bay Area has a modern prefab exterior as well as a sleek high-end interior.
Designed by Toby Long of Clever Homes, the 3,000-square-foot house was digitally designed and pre-cut in the factory.
From shelving to drawers it’s important to create a room for all your belongings so that your experience in the closet doesn’t have to be like mine —Modern closet design ideaI push my back into it, digging my right elbow in the mounds of polyester, cotton, and a weird blend in between.
We bring to you inspiring visuals of cool homes, specific spaces, architectural marvels and new design trends. Up on the Rooftop – If your local temperatures dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, it would be a good idea to add some extra insulation to your attic space. Doors and Windows – When walking from the living room to the dining room, it may not be as natural to feel a draft as you think.
Prevent Frozen Plumbing – Start by draining all garden hoses, insulated exposed pipes, and most importantly, always know where the water main is located. Prepare the Fireplace – Enjoyed by many families, the home fireplace requires a bit of attention. HVAC Inspection – This time of year calls for a furnace inspection, stocking of furnace filters that should be changed monthly, and duct cleaning every 3 to 5 years. When the weather turns chilly and certain spaces seem cooler or drafty, it is time to find the source. First, be sure the top is capped or screened so small animals and birds do not get trapped.
For hot water heaters, there are special "blankets" available to keep things running efficiently through the coldest months.

It is also the time to replace worn shingles and clear debris out of the gutters and downspouts. Caulking small cracks, replacing cracked windows, and weather stripping all doors makes the home more comfortable and makes the heating system more efficient. Have the chimney cleaned professionally, the damper inspected, and the brick mortar examined for necessary repairs. I color coordinate, but other than that, it’s all a pathetic mess with hangers not evening making it to the bar. Look into covering basement windows and glass storm doors with plastic film that helps insulate. If I can get them to stay by impacting them between the overcrowded, filled to capacity closet, then all is well. The shoes are all attached in pairs, but the piles of them may be season coordinated but finding the summer pair at the bottom of the pile, lets just say closets have been on mind.
Bigger, better and bolder.Incidentally all the daydreaming about my life including a superior clothing storage solution led me to ask others and myself alike, “Why does a room always have to have a closet? Why can’t the closet have a room?” So here’s to a walk-in, livable, spacious room whose main character features represent a closet, but that’s were the similarities end. Floor to Ceiling Closet SpaceFloor to ceiling closet furnitureImagine having enough closet space to have nearly two inches between each hanging item. Or having enough drawer space that your stacked and neatly Gap approved folded clothing is manageable.
So that when you pull out the bottom shirt you don’t impend the entire 36-inch leaning tower of shirts. Drawers and shelves of different dimensions, rods at different heights so that you can hang your beautiful wardrobe to display it to perfection.See alsoDIY Closets That Stun With Aesthetics2. Closet MirrorsUltra modern closet design with mirror door So a 360 degree mirror like that of Stacy London’s and Clinton Kelly’s on What Not To Wear might not be the best option. Unless you make it on this reality show, there should be a little more mystery to you that can’t be seen from every vantage point. For your floor length gowns, or a quick hem to your trousers, keeping an elegant step stool will help you out for every style you embrace as you preen in front of your 180-degree mirror.3.
Jewelry And Accessory StationLuxurious closet design for womenA collection of watches, ties, cuff links, tennis bracelets, earrings, all of this in smooth rolling, velvet lined drawers.

Sit in the smooth upholster chair in front of your vanity and see your clutches and handbags above as accessorizing your outfits just got less stressful and more enjoyable.4.
Shoe ShelfLuxury closet with functional shoe shelfOne of the most beautiful views in life is that of seeing your pairs of shoes lined up proudly.
Heels clicked together and arranged by height, style, material, color, seasonal durability and whatever other key word to form a Dewey decimal system for your footwear. Seating ArrangementPerfect walk-in closet with bench and drawers Every true romantic comedy film depicts a scene between the female wedding crazy lead star and her supporting actresses, her bridesmaids. One of these girls is the cynical feminist who believes that her friend is making a huge mistake in tying the knot at such a young age. But then the bride walks out and all the girls lounging in Victorian theme chairs start tearing up. So maybe a wedding isn’t the in the near future for you, but wouldn’t you love it if you could experience that within the comfort of your own home and closet? To bring your close friends to tears of happiness at their first glance of you in your new outfit, I’d say that’s a definite yes!6. Mannequin Dress RehearsalBeautiful walk-in closet with fancy mannequinOutfita always look great on a mannequin.
Partially because of the hundred or so safety pins that conform the outfit to the headless disproportional figure, but more because a lot of thought was put into the layout and assembly of the desired end result.Whereas when we shop we don’t get to see a virtual collection of all the clothes before pinning them to our bodies. Pull Out Ironing BoardCloset idea with fold down ironing boardDespite having this luxury closet there are days when we still discard our clothes on a heap forgetting about it until we are frantically searching for that mustard yellow button up. An ironing board discreetly hidden in a wall mount that you can pull and touch up a few wrinkles will help in completing all the seven essentials to a live in luxury closet.
No more discarding clothes for lack of space and having to dress like the emperor and his new clothes!

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