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One of the things that (used to) happens around my household is that lights and bathroom fans get left on, a lot. Just push the button once, and you get 10 minutes of fan time, plenty of time to do the job. I had looked at the units that sense body heat (IR) but found they can’t handle motor loads (fans) or fluorescent lights with ballasts, so this was the next best thing.
CA title 42, 2006(i think?) mandated motion detector light switches in new and remodel jobs. It just wouldn’t run flourescents, even though it said nothing on the package about that, but did have a statement about motors on the package.
By the bye, just how much energy does it cost to produce these-here gizmos as compared with how much they save? For anyone who is interested, models EI400 and EI600 seem to be compatible with three-way operation.

Had to go to Wikipedia to find out that a three-way switch only allows operation at two locations. Get the latest information on new tools, trends and ideas for your DIY projects from The Family Handyman experts. How can I install one of these in a bathroom with no existing fan, a house with a flat roof and no attic?
Butchroe: I have seen fans installed on a wall, with the duct running down through the wall and out between the floor joists to the outside. There have been days I’ve come home and found the bathroom light and fan on, and it had been running all day. Adults often make the same mistake because they don’t want to leave the bathroom, ahem, odoriferous for the next person, so they leave the fan on then forget to turn it off. Push again for extra time if you’ve spent all that time reading the newspaper or magazine.

Sure it will take awhile to recoup the costs, but the minimized annoyance at discovering fans and lights left on is well worth it now. Oh, and don’t forget to account for energy expended on advertising (both in terms of sales and advocacy), inventory and storage issues, delivery, disposal, and whatnot. Once after a weekend trip, I discovered our walk in closet light AND the bathroom fan had been left on since Friday night. I’ve also installed this same switch on my front porch lights (the one that does 1-12 hours) and on my living room indirect soft lighting so as not to forget it when we retire for the night.
If wall is only 3.5inches (2x4), then some fans might require a bit of a box-out built to make up for the lack of depth.

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