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The idea of decorating with ceiling fans is relatively recent - but you absolutely should keep it in mind when planning your interior design components. Designing your space with the Enigma ceiling fan above, from Fanimation, is almost like decorating with art, isn't it?
The Odyn ceiling fan (above) from Fanimation is a prime example of a contemporary style fan that can command your decorating ideas. Above is the Gyro from Minka-Aire, an interior ceiling fan design beyond compare: 42" Twin Turbofans in oil rubbed bronze finish for the industrial or vintage look. The Ar Ruthiane Collection (above), from Matthew's Fan Company, can work with any decorating ideas you have. Above is another ethereal design for a ceiling fan that comes from Minka-Aire and is called Cirque. The Bianca Directional Collection (above and below), from Matthew's Fan Company, are the perfect fan to fit into those tiny spaces that are so difficult to decorate. The Artemis ceiling fan (above), by Minka-Aire, is available in many finishes, including a translucent one.

The Brewmaster and Bourbon Street are belt-driven ceiling fans (above and below) from Fanimation.
But as awesome as the Candelier is, we would be remiss if we did not include the new, trendy-as-all-get-out, Windmill Ceiling Fans. I only have 8-feet ceilings in some areas of the house, and I have to use fans which accomodate those spaces.
Because, as you can see from the examples below, the right decorative ceiling fan can really define an entire space. It speaks to modern, contemporary style and could work with almost any interior design idea you have with its sleek, bold lines.
And their stained glass model has such an art-deco flair - it would be the crowning glory in a Craftsman interior design renovation. The ultimate decorating idea for both the chalet at the ski resort -- and the outdoor covered patio at the beach house.
They also happen to help with heating the house in the winter.  Heat rises into those high ceilings, and I need a way to keep it circulating on those few cold days we have in the winter months.

Dual fans and bullet-shaped housing were the common denominators in designing these extraordinary ceiling fans. And there's one more thing - they're also available in the same crazy metallic colors as the Ar Ruthiane Collection above. These are great pieces in a loft or on a covered porch - or as the final touch to your entertaining area. Keep your eye on decorative ceiling fans when you're contemplating new interior design ideas - they're breaking out of the mold.

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