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9:50 am March 3, 2009 By Roland Hutchinson If you need an ultra powerful flashlight, then check out this crazy creation the Neofab Legion II. The Neofab Legion II is the World’s brightest single LED flashlight, capable of pumping out a massive 742 Lumens, as you can see from the photos this is a serious bit of kit. The Neofab Legion II will cost around $295, which is quite a bit for a torch, then again it is pretty powerful. Diamond LED Grow Lights incorporate a breakthrough class of Illumitex Horticulture LEDs, light years ahead of existing LED plant lights and antiquated glass light bulbs like HPS, Metal Halide & Florescents. If you’ve ever been stranded in the dark without a light, you know the frustration that can occur.
The Streamlight Key-Mate Flashlight is perfect for tactical stealth movements through the wild terrain. More in NewsOne Tough Knucklehead by StreamlightThe team at Streamlight has really outdone itself this time. Trail LED, makers of the industry leading 6000 lumen Halo light, has upgraded their entire line with a new generation of LEDs, promising an increase in brightness, better clarity, and longer run times. Trail LED claims a cornea-burning 6000 lumens for their top-of-the-line Halo, 3000 for the DS model, and 1800 for the XXX, numbers that were generally borne out in MTBR’s extremely thorough 2013 shootout. The use of multiple lamps across a curved structure is also supposed to improve visibility, as it will generate shadows from multiple points.
The bodies are CNC’d and the lights are assembled in Texas and the quality looks solid. As soon as my neck heals, I will put the bracket though the paces to see how well it works, and we should have pricing and availability info by then as well. Helmet lights are fantastic but you really need handlebar lights as well, on technical terrain, using just a helmet light flattens all the lumps and bumps.
Now, I have ridden with the DS on my helmet and an MJ-808 on my bars and can honestly say that whether the bar light is on or off does not impact my riding. Would love to support a USA company but their mounting and versatility is making me hesitant on the purchase.
Gue pesen dari Singapore boss… kalo ga salah inget sekitaran 80 ribuan buat Luxeon III-nya. If you have your night-vision on, you can easily add the Streamlight Key-Mate Flashlight Filter to switch the lighting to IR (Infra-Red).

Handmade in Plano, Texas, Trail LED’s unique design and cutting edge technology promises commuters and solo 24-hour racers alike better visibility and more comfort than their competitors.
The curved profile on the Halo and DS models allow the lights to follow the contour of your noggin, and attach via a pair of very sturdy elastic bands that Trail LED claims are ozone, UV, and abrasion resistant. Pace states that, “this results in you being able to see rocks, roots, ruts, and drops without two lights.
While the BikeRumor scale is en route to Eurobike, I can attest that I can barely tell when the 800+ gram Halo is attached to my helmet.
I was particularly taken by the subtle white line in the seal between the fore and aft body sections. It is wrapped in a heavy rubber seal, which should insulate well, and be easy to grasp with semi-conscious, frozen fingers. Shaped like the letter C, the polycarbonate piece clips over a stem face plate, the XXX (shown) or DS light sits on top, with the elastic straps wrapped around the bar to hold it all together. I checked the stats to every other comparable light (mtbr shootout and mfr info) and the DS is lighter, brighter, and mounted lower. The palm sized, super-bright 100,000-hour lifetime high-intensity LED with reflector optics makes this flashlight by Streamlight the brightest and the longest performing keychain flashlight out there.
This setting boosts your night vision viewing while not attracting mosquitoes and staying unnoticed by the game. We are going to put their claims to the test, but first we have a quick look at the ten-lamp Halo, five-lamp DS, and three-lamp XXX models, as well as a sneak peak of their soon to be released bar mount. The new LEDs have a higher color rendering index, meaning they produce light that is more like daylight, making objects on the trail look the way your brain expects them to. You simply hook the bands around the cooling fins and through the helmet vents – an included tire lever helps you grab the band to pull it through. This is all the more impressive, as I am extra sensitive after spearing the ground and almost breaking my neck two days ago. Its an elegant solution to address bars and stems crowded by computers, dropper switches, and a bazillion other doohickeys, but it requires a four bolt face plate design so the clamp can get some purchase on the gap between the stem and face plate.
I used to be dead set on a bar light, but after using the DS I realized it was because I didn’t have enough light before and strained my eyes to stay focused even with two separate 1500+ lumen lights. One of the famous brand is Luxeon, made exclusively by Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, LLC.

I wonder to use 6-10 Luxeon III (around 80 Lumens each) and SLA 6-8 mAh rechargeable batteries. Streamlight Key-Mate reflector optics delivers up to 400% more lighting range than traditional keychain flashlights.
The rotary head switch stays put leaving little to no chance you will accidentally turn on the Streamlight Key-Mate Flashlight.
This, according to Pace, means less eye strain and less required concentration, meaning that you can ride faster with less effort. The low profile will also make the system less likely to caught on low branches – a problem I faced regularly when navigating the cedar trees of Austin and the rhododendron tunnels of Asheville.
The power cord attaches via a small bayonet mount, which does appear to sacrifice some strength for a svelte interface. Advertised burn times on high prior to the LED upgrade are two hours for the Halo and XXX, and 90 minutes for the DS. In addition, each of the famous machined-aircraft aluminum Streamlight Key-Mate Keychain Flashlights features a versatile powder-coated spring steel pocket clip to conveniently secure it to virtually any article of clothing.
The famous Streamlight Flashlight versatility, compact size and high level of performance, backed by the Streamlight Lifetime Warranty, make this Streamlight Key-Mate Flashlight perfect for outdoors, tactical, office, car and home applications. Each unit offers a high and low power mode, six flash patterns, and a super-low emergency mode. To attach the battery to the frame, Trail LED includes the same sort of Velcro strap used by most light companies. The waterproof-o-ring sealing turns this flashlight into an all-season, all-weather flashlight, ensuring dependable performance even in most demanding weather conditions. The lights are shockingly bright, even in flash mode, which borders on being seizure-inducing. And of course, because this is a LED, it’s quite cold (though somehow you still have to use heatsink on the bottom).

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