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While I have done quite a bit of ultraviolet photography in the past, I haven't done any ultraviolet induced fluorescence photography. The first thing I noticed when I received the torches was that all three gave out a lot of visible violet light.
So, I purchased from ebay Optical Filter 330WB70 25mm Excite Fluorescence High Transmission 70%. Cheap UV torch 2 (Aluminium UV Ultra Violet Blacklight 9 LED AAA Flashlight Torch Light Lamp) - 0.4s. In conclusion, I think we can say that the really cheap 'UV' torches are actually just violet torches that output a tiny amount of UV. I'd really like to try out the MTE U301 torch, which uses a Nichia UV LED, and see how that compares.
UV IR Flashlight - Acquista a poco prezzo UV IR Flashlight dai Fornitori UV IR Flashlight Cinesi a Shenzhen NuoSenDa Electronics Ltd.
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This involves lighting the subject with UV light, but recording an image that only includes visible light.

If we have a source that emits UV and visible light, then the visible light output will likely overpower any fluorescence in our image. This would require making some kind of filter holder to hold the filter in front of the flash. Both cost about 99p and strangely both had one LED not working (so they were actually 8 LED). This passes light from around 300 nm - 400 nm, cuts visible light, then starts transmitting some IR from around 810 nm.
This has a number 10 that cannot be seen under normal light, but fluoresces under ultraviolet light. We can just see the fluorescence of the security marking, but it is swamped by violet visible light produced by the torch.
As you can see, it doesn't seem to matter which way round the filter is mounted on the torch.
As with the 330WB70 filter, it doesn't seem to make any difference which way round the filter is mounted.
To be honest, I haven’t actually tried any UV fluorescence photography (other than this test) yet. The ultrafire UV torch I have is far less powerful than sunlight, and I find even bright sunlight combined with high ISO difficult for handheld reflected UV photography. When you proceed to the checkout page, the Seller Discount will be automatically calculated.

I also didn't really want to have my expensive Baader U filter blasted at close range by hot flash. The Ultrafire torch was probably a bit over ?20 when you include the cost of the special batteries and charger it requires.
The other two torches gave very faint results when shone through the Baader filter, but it did make the fluorescence easier to see than with no filter. So by adding this to the torch, I can block any visible light it produces and turn it into a true UV torch. According to the Bank of England A UV lamp that emits light at around 365 nanometres is ideal for checking the fluorescent features.
You can see the Baader filter passes quite a bit more visible violet light than the 330WB70 filter. It looses a large amount of light when the 330WB70 filter is added, even though this filter passes around 70% of light at 365 nm. You can get close already with high ISO but another order of magnitude wouldn’t hurt. Powerful flashlight with 365nm wavelength, Most of ensuring that the glow of fluorescent materials.

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