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Color Flashlight is first up and that’s probably a good thing because it has a lot of features. Flashlight HD LED is another app that can utilize both your home screen and LED flash to produce a flashlight.
Flashlight Mega Flashlight is another flashlight that works with both your device screen and the LED flash on the back.
Privacy Flashlight is made by a company (SnoopWall) that touts the need for privacy about as much as a company can. Torch is a friendly application because some people may already know it because it’s been integrated into custom ROMs before. If we missed any of the best flashlight apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments!To see our complete list of best app lists, click here. There is a module for Xposed that’s supposed to do it, without the permission you are talking about. I tried many but this is the only one I use, mainly because I can use my screen as a light source as well as LED, and easy control of light intensity.
With such great apps, we don’t be surprised if their number for downloads exceeds over thousands and billions.
I feel like an idiot for not doing my due diligence before installing my flashlight app, I looked at my flashlight app, it took up 4.6 Megabytes what the hell does a flashlight app need a program that size.
This information is a real eye-opener — please watch and SHARE to help your family and friends protect themselves.
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Flashlight Apps are not only the rescuer in times of emergency but also help you kick start the party with style, here is a list of some of the best flashlight apps for Android. An android flashlight app that uses the device’s camera flashlight as the torch, it is one of the best flashlight apps in the market. Extremely easy to use and with a regularly updated interface, it acts as the bright torch beam in your emergency as well as the fun light source at a party, Color Flashlight comes with the option of displaying your message through these cool lights. Another free flashlight app, Brightest Flashlight Free comes with great developer support and gives you maximum light, be it as keyboard backlight or notification lights or camera flash. With amazing features like activating the torch light by a simple shake, Flashlight LED does not overload the battery and acts like any other application running in the background. Easy to install, it comes with the option of adding a widget for easy access and is definitely the kind of flashlight app you should choose if you are looking for a hassle free usage.
Free and extremely easy to use, Flashlight comes with an elegant interface, sleek design and attractive features like emergency flashlight, strobe mode, frequency controller and a superb developer support. Color flashlight, disco light, police light, warning lights, candle light all in one, this android app is one of the most installed free apps in the flashlight market. Compatible with almost all the modern Android devices, Tesla LED Flashlight is one of the best LED flashlight app that comes with the option of making a widget for easy use.
One of the most installed LED light app, it brightens the LED of the camera and is compatible with Android 1.6 or later versions. Both are ad supported and needs access to Internet to deliver ads, but aside from that they have just basic permissons to the camera. Many phone manufacturers have taken to including a flashlight app or at least a toggle in quick settings.
As you can tell by the name, this is a bright flashlight app, in fact the developer says its the brightest one on the Play Store. One of the main things separating Amazing Flashlight from some of the others is the fact it has a widget that can sit on your home screen.
IBM And Samsung Both Rank As More Innovative Than AppleAH Weekly Poll: Do You Think YouTube Gaming Will Succeed? Moto g4 plus review: moto has to bring its a-game, For the last few years, motorola has been leading the way in terms of android skins to activate the flashlight.
Featured: top 10 best flashlight apps for android, As you can tell by the name, this is a bright flashlight app, in fact the developer says its the brightest one on the play store.

Best ways to keep your privacy on android - To help you out, we are listing the best ways to keep your privacy intact on android: 1. Moto g4 plus review: moto has to bring its a-game - For the last few years, motorola has been leading the way in terms of android skins to activate the flashlight.
Featured: top 10 best flashlight apps for android - As you can tell by the name, this is a bright flashlight app, in fact the developer says its the brightest one on the play store.
10 best android flashlight apps with no extra permissions - Flashlight apps are a dying breed. SubscribeEnter your email address below to receive updates each time we publish new content. TECH-DAILY – Were you panicking at the thought of Twitter messing with your timeline order?
Tiny Flashlight + LED is one of the best flashlight apps and it uses camera as the device for the torch and the user can adjust the brightness of the torch as per their requirement. Another fastest and brightest flashlight is Brightest LED Flashlight, compatible with all sorts of android devices.
Flashlight is the basic torch app for android which is easy to use, tiny, simple, effective and of course it is absolutely free. Tesla LED Flashlight is a LED flashlight which is an app and a widget and is highly configurable. Therefore, the Cyber-security expert is advising everyone to remove these flashlight apps from their smartphones, and whatever else is electronic in device, and reset their settings back to the original factory settings before the flashlight apps were downloaded. This information is indeed a real eye opener and should be shared with family and friends who have smartphones and other devices. Google began adding them to Android as early as Lollipop and OEMs have been including them on their OEM skins for far longer. It has the standard lowest-permissions-needed and the standard ability to turn on your LED flash on the back of your phone.
It has a decent looking interface, a built in SOS signal in case you need it along with a slider to strobe in other patterns. This app includes a total of four widgets that you can place on your home screen and lock screen for easy flashlight access. This one focuses a little more on aesthetics than most flashlight apps and it does look really nice. It’s made by the same people who develop Nova Launcher and the once popular WidgetLocker app.
It has a home screen widget that you can theme, strobe lights including Morse Code and police lights, and the fewest possible permissions. Even if these developers turned the microphone on, none of these apps have the permission to write to storage. It shows itself inside the notification bar, so that you can activate it whenever you wish, and also be able to change how dark to set it.
I use this Military flashlight app and was a bit worried at first, but after reading your article, all permissions are justified :).
This one looks cool and material design with a nice simple puzzle game in it along with battery info. It also offers a wide variety of flashlights which become all the more attractive since it comes with the option of adjusting the brightness and colors of the light according to user requirements.
With the option of 6 kinds of cool flashlights, it acts like a graphical equalizer, the brightness and timing of the lights being adjustable according to the surrounding sounds or position of the mobile phone. It comes with handy features like adjusting the color, brightness, timing and other effects of the device light and takes up negligible memory space and battery consumption.
Extremely adjustable, all the kinds of flashlights come with effects and features that can be personalized according to one’s choice. For flashlight apps there should be no more permissions needed than access to camera & camera flashlight (+ internet access if its ad supported). It also has features like strobe lights and blinking lights, which can be controlled very easily. Again, like most of the other apps here, it uses your flash as a flashlight, and if your phone does dual-flash, it’s going to be even brighter.

So you can easily turn on or off the flashlight from your home screen without needing to open up the app. The ONLY flashlight app that goes with a compass, giving you the direction in the darkness.
However, according to an investigation that was launched by Cyber-security expert named Gary Miliefskynt and Snoopwall.
This is because it puts many in real danger of not only cyber crime, but crime in general, and this especially applies to teenagers and children. Cyber security is becoming more and more strong in the face of growing threats to innocent people and these flashlight apps are just the latest not so safe thing to have.
The need for this dwindles as the market share for newer versions of Android receive higher proliferation. There are also a number of features available to make your device screen into a flashlight of various colors, shapes, sizes, and patterns. The app also comes with a compass if you’re out in the wilderness and need a flashlight and a compass simultaneously.
There is also built-in functionality where the flashlight recognizes that the phone has gone into your pocket and automatically turns off the flashlight to save battery and time. In the app, you can turn your screen into an flashlight as well using whatever color you choose from the app’s color picker. Aside from using literally the bare minimum permissions necessary, the app is also very small (less than 1MB). It contains a simple interface, a home screen widget that you can also theme, and a bare-bones permission list. Without the write to storage permission, they are unable to save any files at all to your device. This is basically a flashlight designed like a laser, so to turn it on, all you have to do is tap on the power button on the laser on your screen. In today’s generation where everyone is tech savvy, flashlight apps are the life savers. The recent findings is that the top 10 flashlight apps that are used on smartphones are nothing but malware that can steal all of your personal information and maybe even worse.
However, we have not forgotten about those of you out there who prefer having a third party app or have devices too old to have its own flashlight app. That means the application is physically incapable of recording you even if the mic were turned on. Twitter chief Jack Dorsey has piped up to say that there’s no truth to the rumors of a Facebook-like feed arriving next week. These top 10 flashlight apps are malicious and laying in wait to do some form of cybercrime on unsuspecting users who download them to their smartphones to be used as a flashlight. Child molesters and other bad elements can geo-locate them just by these kids and teenagers downloading these kind of flashlight apps on to their electronic devices. Below, we have a list of flashlight apps that have the bare minimum permissions that should work perfectly for you.
It does have ads but they can be disabled in the app settings if you don’t want them there. If you’re interested in a fun read, the app description also describes the problem with flashlight apps and privacy issues in far more detail than I did earlier. It hasn’t been updated in a very long time (2011) but still manages to work with most devices. This is totally unavoidable and you’ll never find a flashlight app without that permission (until you get to Android Marshmallow or higher when the app asks for these things separately). According to Gary Miliefskynt and Snoopwall there is already 500,000,000 million people out there who are already infected and don’t even know it.
They are having their most sensitive and personal data being intruded on by criminal elements from other counties out there.

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