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The new NightSearcher Explorer XML torch offers a stunning 600 lumen output from the CREE LEDs, ideal for use in construction, security, inspection and more, double the lumens of the old Explorer.
There are 5 different light modes to choose from (100% beam, 10% intensity, dimmable (100%-5%), strobe and SOS), with the light coming from the powerful, newly upgraded XML LED, making the explorer one of the most powerful flashlights on the market.
The tough, robust construction of the Explorer ensures that the it is suitable for a variety of application. If you have a question about this product or need further help then simply get in touch with us on call 01246 275 780 or fill in our contact form and we'll get back to you straight away!
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This multi-use super bright flashlight has 3 LED that features three light sources including a blue LED light for fishing, a white LED light for lighting and a yellow LED light for hunting.
I have already bought 2 Coast HP7’s, but I wanted the HP14 because it uses the AA battery and has a little more light. I can’t be happier with it, it it constructed great, has great light output and a long run time on high. Compact and extremely powerful, Stinger DS LED HP rechargeable flashlights offer 3 microprocessor controlled variable intensity modes, strobe mode and the latest in power LED technology. The Stinger DS LED HP includes a second independent easy to locate tactical tail cap switch.
The combination of rechargeable batteries and the C4LED results in one of the lowest operating costs of any flashlight made.
The case is made using 6000 series machined aircraft aluminum with non-slip rubberized comfort grip. Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range targeting beam with optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation. There are “rechargeable” flashlights that are just flashlights with rechargeable Li-Ion batteries like 10400, 14500, 16340, and 18650 but they require the batteries to be removed and charged with an external charger. Most rechargeable flashlights do not have custom battery types, they use Li-Ion batteries like those listed above and they have built-in chargers. Most modern rechargeable flashlights use LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology instead of older types of bulbs. LEDs take only a fraction of the amount of power, are lighter, have much longer run times, and they are shock resistant. Olight has just recently released an addition to their very popular and high quality S Baton line of LED flashlights. Streamlight has been in the rechargeable tactical flashlight business for a long time and both the Strion and the Stinger are some of the best duty flashlights. Nitecore flashlights has been spending quite a bit of time focusing on rechargeable led flashlights and they are pretty good at it. The Nitecore TM15 Tiny Monster dubs itself as the world’s smallest and brightest rechargeable searchlight, this is a well built flashlight that deserves some attention if you are looking for a light of this size.
Another fantastic flashlight that is this size and is rewriting what a duty flashlight can be is the Eagletac GX25L2 rechargeable LED flashlight. These days almost everybody has a micro-USB charger lying somewhere around their house and probably also have a car charger for their cell phone. Foursevens is a company that consistently produces flashlights that are cutting edge and premium in quality.
The Foursevens Regen MMX-R is a special light in this segment being so small and yet still having the ability to recharge internally. Brightness can be measured multiple different ways, Lumens is the total amount of light that comes out of the front of the flashlights, Candela is the intensity of the brightest point of light, and beam distance tells how far the flashlight will throw its beam until the brightness level is 0.25 lux (the level of light of a full moon).
Currently one of the top performers for overall in lumens the Olight SR96 Intimidator is a 4800 lumen flashlight on turbo mode the Olight SR96 can light up a room, campsite, or trail like no other light.
This flashlight is the current throw champion with a beam distance of over 1 kilometer and it is rechargeable.
Now you are ready to decide, DOWNLOAD the FREE Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide Checklist PDF. Rechargeable led flashlights have really come along way, especially with the standardization of micro-USB for cell phones. Because of their bright, focused light, these high-performance bulbs have gained popularity for use in flashlights. The precision lens, reflector and LED lamp produce a stunning beam, lasting over 1.5 hours (on high) per charge thanks to the rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It is made with a high spec aluminium housing with a shatterproof polycarbonate lens, making it shock, water and corrosion proof.
Three light sources including blue light, white light and yellow light, ideal for night lighting, fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. The power of LED amplified lights is simply amazing, some of these high performance flashlights can reach up to 500 meters in beam distance.
It is far brighter and throws a far longer beam than I was hoping for, yet it fits in your pocket. The best rechargeable flashlight will have a dedicated battery that is optimized for that flashlight, driver, and LED. It will help you learn about and decide what flashlight you want!Thank You, Subscribe to receive the Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide Checklist PDF! In this article we are only covering flashlights that are internally rechargeable, they have the ability to charge without removing batteries similar to a cell phone. Rechargeable flashlights can be slightly more expensive but you do not have to purchase a separate charger.
Rechargeable flashlight LEDs allow almost every aspect of the rechargeable light to be better. The only flashlights that we are covering here are rechargeable led flashlights with internal chargers.
Almost all of them got a rechargeable LED flashlight option that comes with a charging dock. There are a few companies that focus on military and police duty quality lights and Streamlight is is one of the main ones along with Surefire. The Nitecore TM15 rechargeable LED flashlight uses 4 x 18650 or 8 x CR123 batteries making it 4 batteries wide. The Stinger flashlight has been a issued duty light in many police departments around the country for years.
The GX25L2 is very programmable with 5 brightness settings, 2 strobe modes, 2 SOS modes, 2 flash modes, and a Beacon mode. So we find that lots of people when they are looking for the best rechargeable flashlights are specifically interested in flashlights that can charge off of micro-USB.

Out favorite pocketable rechargeable tactical flashlight that uses USB is the Nitecore MH1A.
Olight’s search and rescue (SR) series of lights are super bright and some of the most technologically advanced flashlights on the market. In deciding what the brightest rechargeable led flashlight is we chose a flood flashlight with super high lumens that lights up a wide area and we chose our top rechargeable throw flashlight.
This is not a flashlight that shoots its beam really far, throwing only around 300 meters, but it will flood the area with its high power light.
The Nitecore TM36 is one of the brightest rechargeable led flashlights, it runs off of the equivalent of 8 x 18650 batteries but uses a NBP52 proprietary battery.
It will help you sort through all the info to find the flashlight you want!Thank You, Subscribe to receive the Tactical Flashlight Buyers Guide Checklist PDF!
It seems that everybody has multiple micro-USB chargers lying around the house so losing your charger or having it break is not as big of a deal as it once was with rechargeables. If you have not received your parcel within this period, please get in touch and we will help you. Rayovac really hit the bullseye with the combination of low price and great quality on this light.
The light is so bright that you can choose a dimmer setting by turning the light on and then quickly turning the light off and then on again. We use our light every night to check for skunks before we let our dogs out to go to the bathroom. Some cheaper rechargeable flashlights do not have internal smart chargers so they can overcharge the batteries which can destroy them.
Within the group of internally charging lights you can get flashlights that have removable batteries or flashlights with built-in batteries that can not be removed. The Olight S10 rechargeable is almost the same flashlight as the S10 which is our current mini EDC of choice so we were really excited to play with and review the new rechargeable option. The Streamlight Strion LED flashlight is a very good choice for a rechargeable tactical flashlight and it is backed by the amazing reputation of Streamlight flashlights and a lifetime warranty.
The light source for this light is 3 XM-L Cree LED emitters providing a huge amount of light in a small package. As noted earlier with the Strion, Streamlight does not focus on bells and whistles in their design but they focus on durability and dependability which is why they get government accounts.
The added convenience is great since you could have multiple charger all over the place, at home, work or in the car. The best feature about this rechargeable light is that it will also work with a AA battery in a pinch. The Nitecore MH25 flashlight uses and XM-L2 LED and a medium sized head and reflector that allow it to produce more throw than the smaller MMX-R. The Olight SR96 uses 3 Cree MK-R LEDs which since each MK-R is 4 XP-G2s under one lens it is similar to having a flashlight with 12 XP-G2 emitters. Using a custom battery pack allows Nitecore to fite the same amount of power into a smaller package.
Clearly designed for tactical use, it also serves well around the house and because it is LED (with a solid metal build) it is probably the last flashlight you will ever have to buy (assuming you don’t lose it). The flashlight has a couple different levels of intensity that it cycles through as you press the on switch.
I really like the use of C batteries, as they allow for a much longer lasting, bright beam while keeping the weight down.
We also use a lot the other model from Coast the G20 and it’s very appreciate, a little bit less powerfull but the battery life is better. Set on high this light throws a beam over 200 yds and illuminates my entire back yard and field. It is skinny enough to tuck under my arm without any discomfort and the strobe function is amazing. Both of the current long throw flashlight champs have dedicated batteries that were designed specifically for those lights. Some lights plug into the wall, some have cell phone chargers and use USB, and some have special charging stations.
For smaller flashlights we think the best LED rechargeable flashlights give the option to remove the batteries so we can charge them externally if we want and we can have multiple sets as backups. There is a small difference in size and battery life because of charging circuitry but not enough to change how nice this rechargeable light is.
The LED inside is C4 technology, Streamlight’s special name that is given to its very well designed light system including the LED, reflector, and optimized electronics. A neat feature of the TM15 is its ability to work on a single 18650 battery in an emergency situation.
The Streamlight Stinger LED series of lights has 15 different variations based on Dual-Switch (DS), High-Lumen (HL), High-Powered (HP), and Polymer (Poly). Eagletac is an innovative company that is working hard to take market share in duty flashlights with its 25L2 line of rechargeable lights. The MH1A Nitecore torch runs on a rechargeable 14500 battery that is the same size as a standard AA battery so if you run out of power you can just pop in a regular old AA, we recommend the Eneloop Ni-MH AA batteries. The Foursevens MMR-X flashlight is powered by a single 18650 battery that is specially designed for this light. This rechargeable led flashlight, just like the MMX-R, hides its USB connection under a cover that screws up and down and is IPX-8 waterproof. For the LED the Nitecore TM36 uses the amazing but expensive Luminus SBT-70 emitter which is specially designed as a throw LED. This pocket-sized flashlight can work on just a single AA Battery.Advertisement You can get one here9. It also has the ability to focus the beam more tightly or zoom out to provide more ambient light. This light won’t weigh down your backpack with a bunch of D batteries, but the light will last through the weekend without changing batteries all the time like you have to do with other lights of this brightness. After using it on night shift the past few months, I haven’t had any issues or complaints.
The S10R is powered by a RCR123A battery (can use CR123 in an emergency) and charges by being placed on the provided charging dock. Coming with 5 brightness levels, strobe and the ability to lockout the flashlight so it is not accidently turned on. The GX25L2 is the smallest and just about matches the Stinger in size and uses 2 x 18650 batteries.

The flexibility of being rechargeable and working with the most popular battery in the world make this a great EDC and prepper flashlight. The Foursevens Maelstrom Regen MMR-X can run off of a normal 18650 battery but it is suggested that you stay with the specially designed one that comes with the flashlight. In the compact thrower category this is one of the top lights and it is at a reasonable price for its level of performance, using the XM-L2 LED it throws its light over 640 meters. The high mode starts in a turbo mode with 4800 Lumens and steps down to a lower level, medium is 1500 Lumens and low is 450 Lumens.
We really like flashlights that use micro-USB chargers and if we were to pick a couple of lights to buy they would be the Foursevens Regen MMR-X and the Olight S10R for their forward thinking designs. ON THE WAY®2000 Lumen Expedition Handheld Flashlight (17.01$)This small flashlight packs quite a punch with 2000Lumen max intensity. We’ve thrown this one in the night stand for emergencies and think it will work really well.
A great perk to the charging dock is that you can plug a USB to micro-USB cord and charge your phone or anything else at the same time. The Nitecore MH1A uses a Cree XM-L LED emitter and high efficiency circuitry to push out high lumens and runtime. This flashlight is the smallest and lightest of the single 18650 rechargeable flashlights that we have seen due great design and thoughtful placement of charging circuitry. With 4 brightness levels, strobe, and SOS the user defined programming gives lots of options.
The USB charging allows this flashlight to be even more available when you need it since it can be charged almost anywhere.
Olight says that the SR96 is the next best thing to holding the sun in your hands, this is a huge statement but does point out how bright it really is. Also, the OLED display allows you get get lot of information about how the light is functioning like, Lumens, battery voltage, battery status, remaining runtime and temperature.
The Olight S10R isn’t charged by USB but its stand offers a USB extension so you can charge your phone and flashlight at the same time. The flashlight has reverse polarity protection and can be used with an 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery or 3AAA batteries.You can get one here8. The LED in this rechargeable light is the Cree XM-L2 which is a super LED for this small size of a light. The charger is a clamp style that holds the rechargeable led flashlight securely during charging so it is ideal to have inside of a patrol car. The Tiny Monster TM15 is a great light for the buyer looking for a compact multi-battery high lumen flashlight.
In an urban setting we like the Streamlight Stinger DS LED HL, the dual switch allows use by a side switch and tail switch and the HL model kicks out almost double the lumens of the normal Stinger flashlights. Lastly the Eagletac MX25L2 uses 2 x 32650 and the Luminus SST-90 for greatly increased throw and output.
Coming with 4 brightness levels, strobe, and SOS this IPX-8 rechargeable flashlight is a real winner and definitely one of the best rechargeable flashlights. The Olight SR52 has three brightness levels, strobe, and a nice lockout feature so the light is not turned on accidentally. If you are interested in really bright led flashlights check out our brightest flashlight article here. Definitely one of the best rechargeable spotlight flashlights on the market, it has a purpose, to throw a long beam. Thank you for reading this “Best Of” article please take a look at our other Best Flashlight articles.
If you need a light of this size with a little more throw the Strion LED HP is a version with less Lumens but a much larger head and reflector. In a rural area with wide open spaces the Streamlight Stinger DS LED HP is great for its increased range. The Cree XM-L2 creates high bursts of light up to 1000 lumens out of this small flashlight. Please also take a look at our great Flashlight Comparison Guide where you can sort through flashlights down to the specifications that you want. Streamlight is not known for all of the bells and whistles of other companies but for just working and being dependable.
The Stinger series of lights comes with Streamlight’s special C4 technology that covers the LED, reflector, and electronics.
The Stinger lights deserve their spot at the top with their overall simplicity and dependability but as flashlight people we would probably go for the Eagletac GX25L2 for our duty light.
With 5 brightness levels, strobe, SOS, and a High and Low Beacon this light is highly programmable. Revtronic F30B Ultra Powerful 800 Lumens Cree LED Flashlight(25$)This flashlight is ideal for hiking, camping, fishing or other outdoor activities as it gives off 800 Lumens of maximum light intensity. We feel that the only thing that could make it better would be the ability to charge through USB but with this small of a flashlight it would probably seriously mess with design.
The Strion rechargeable led flashlight is one of the best rechargeable tactical flashlights on the market.
Foursevens did a great job on the Maelstrom MMR-X flashlight, for being first timers in the rechargeable LED flashlight market they must have worked hard to produce one of the best rated rechargeable flashlights. Also, if you liked the content here please follow one of the rechargeable led flashlight links to Amazon and get yourself one. OXYLED MD50 Cree 500 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight (20$)Made from durable Aluminum alloy material this LED flashlight is water resistant at a level of  IPX-6 and offers 5(Three brightness levels, strobe and an SOS function) light modes. The product impresses us with its durability and excellent battery management as it can last almost two hours on continuous use.You can get one here2.
LE® Adjustable Focus CREE LED Flashlight (8$)A high-quality flashlight regarding build quality. This particular model of UltraFire has over 11,000 reviews & most of them rate this product very highly.
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