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The Fenix LD01 is solidly built — it uses a Cree Q5 LED as its light source, and the lens is made of toughened, anti-reflective glass.
The pen is made byA Inka, a company based in Colorado, and created by Greg Adelman, a former marine engineer who worked for the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. Leatherman Micra is a keychain-sized multi-tool that contains a total of ten tools, including a pair of scissors. Designed for keychains,A Arc-AAAA flashlights are barely larger than the AAA batteries they contain.
Buy It For Life: Inka Titanium Keychain PenThe Titanium Inka Pen is designed to be attached to a keychain.
The Best Ultralight Keychain ToolsThese are the most durable ultralight tools I have found. This review is the first part of my AAA review, the second parts is here: Beamshoots from AAA flashlights. This review is about AAA battery powered lights, each light will include a short description, some photos, indoor white wall and outdoor beamshot. They can stand hard handling, a LED has a lifetime of thousands of hours and is not damaged by impact, a incandescent bulb only has a lifetime of a few hours and can easily break on impact. The lights in this review can be split in two different main operating types, twist and push button.
Next variation on the button, must be fully pressed and then released to activated, this is usual called a “reverse switch”.
Some of the more advanced lights has a button that only sends a signal to the microprocessor in the light when pressed.
Another way to activate lights, is by twisting the front or back of the light to turn the light on. All these possibilities can be an advantage or a liability, depending on how and for what the flashlight is used. 1 setting: Arc AAA, Ti ARC AAA, Killer AAA, Tiablo A1, Streamlight Microstream, Tank 007 TK-701, Leatherman S1, Fenix E01, Maglite Solitaire, Led Lenser P2, Led Lenser P3, Peak Matterhorn #1, Peak Matterhorn #2, Peak Eiger, Peak Baltic. Depending on type of light emitter and how it is controlled, light can be made with a wide range of light output, from weak lights that can be used to locate a keyhole but not spoil the night vision, to bright light that can fill a big room with light and definitely spoil any night vision.
Note: Peak light only has one brightness setting, but that setting can be specified when ordering the light. The heading to this review says AAA batteries and some people will probably believe that this defines the battery type, but that is not fully correct. All flashlights in this review can use these common batteries, but the more powerful lights will drain the batteries very fast and can not reach maximum brightness.
These batteries can (in most cases) directly replace a Alkaline battery and will improve the runtime, the storage time and remove the risk of a leaking battery, they also work in very cold weather. These batteries can be store for 10 to 15 years, this makes them very useful for emergency lights, i.e. PS: The picture shows a cheap Chinese imitation, the good batteries are called Energizer Lithium L92 (also Energizer e2). CAVEAT EMPTOR, this look like any AAA battery, but has a significantly higher voltage and will damage light not designed for it. Most flashlights are made from aluminum, because it has some good properties for flashlights: It has low density and is good at transferring heat. The most common colors are black and natural (Natural is many different colors, mostly dark green). Another surface treatment is “type 2 anodizing”, this treatment allows many bright colors and has no problem with color consistency, but the surface is not very strong and will get scratched easily, and the scratches are very visible due to the aluminum below. Aluminum can also be used without surface treatment, it does not corrode, but it will get scratched.
Titanium can both be used with and without surface treatment, it is very strong and the density is considerable lower than steel.
For people that want a light around the neck, Titanium is very good, and there is no risk of corrosion.
Flashlight in Titanium is usual more expensive than aluminum lights, some of the reasons are that Titanium is more expensive and it is harder to process.
Flashlights in stainless steel is rather heavy and are usual without any surface treatment, The steel looks good without treatment and can stand a lot of abuse. Do not mount the light directly in the keychain, remember to put a small ring in between (This ring is usual included with the light).
Put a chain on the light and you can put it around the neck, remember only do it with waterproof lights. Using these lights, you usual hold the light in a hand, to prevent dropping it, you can secure it with a lanyard around the wrist. If you need both hands, you can hold the light with your mouth, or if it has a clip mounted at the head, the light can be mounted on a hat brim and be used as a headlamp.
Opposite most other lights with a 5mm LED, this light does have a front glass, not an exposed LED.
This light uses a special 5 mm led with multiple dies, that is supposed to give more light, but I have not been able to confirm it with my measurements.
Looking at the led in the picture, it can be seen that it has a lot of wires inside, it is because it is the special high power version. Streamlight are very confident about the strength of the light and promises that the front glas and the clips are unbreakable. Lumapower has selected to make a light with 3 fixed levels and then be flexible in the physical design. The front of the light is in stainless steel, this will protect the light from falls on hard surfaces.
The flashlight can take a lot of abuse, the two lights in the picture have both been in the washing machine and the black has also been in the tumble dryer, where I found it in 3 pieces (Head, body and battery).

Maglite does make this light in multiple colors, but they uses a weak surface treatment (Type 2), i.e.
The above pictures are a bit dark, to show the beam I have takes a serie more with increased exposure, for the one without bezel I did increase exposure twice. The light is not perfect, the surface treatment is only type II and not very scratch resident, the clips can slide of the light and it does not have any lockout function. This light is nearly the same as P2, except that the head on the light is bigger and does not turn, instead it slides to change focus.
This light is turned off when tightened, loosen it to turn it on, there are two loose positions (marked P1 and P2 on the body) to select between two settings. The necklace has a special quick release connection to the light, but I do not like the lock, it is not safe enough for me. LiteFlux has developed a new version of this light, called LF2XT (Adding T to the name), see below for a description.
A new version (2009) of the worlds most advanced flashlight, this time the twist is replaced by a tail button, the light is still very powerfull. The light has two different user interfaces, when delievered it is in the simple mode, i.e. This is a brass AAA light from the Matterhorn serie, this serie contains many different lights, because it is possible to order material, battery size, brightness and some other details.
For this battery tube I also got a momentary push button, hold it down for light or screw the light together for constant on. This is a new (2009) AAA flashlight from Peak, it has the same size as Matterhorn series and match parts with it, but instead of a 5 mm led it uses a power led. I have bought 2 brightness levels #2 and #8, both with medium optic, I did also order some extra bodies and can use 10180, 10280, AAA and 2xAAA batteries. This is a stainless steel light from the Baltic series, this serie contains many different lights, because it is possible to order material, battery size, brightness and some other details. The light was manufactured with two different beam spreads, a focuesed and a non focused, mine is the non focused version. The Maglite can concentrate the light more, due to the big reflector, but the total light output is not higher than for some of the small AAA lights (But it has longer runtime). All pictures of the light output are made with fixed exposure and locked daylight white balance. Next variation on the button, must be fully pressed and then released to activated, this is usual called a ?reverse switch?. Another surface treatment is ?type 2 anodizing?, this treatment allows many bright colors and has no problem with color consistency, but the surface is not very strong and will get scratched easily, and the scratches are very visible due to the aluminum below. The Xeno Cube FlashlightThis attractive flashlight, the Xeno Cube, is machined from a cylinder of stainless steel. Buy It For Life: Keychain and Pocket ToolsDesigned for keychains, Arc-AAA flashlights are barely larger than the AAA batteries they contain.
We also give preference to products that are very durable, are warrantied for life, and are made in the U.S. It is very bright — it produces 80 lumens on its highest setting, which is brighter than most full-size flashlights. This tool has titanium handles and a titanium outer coating for extra strength, and a little bit less weight.
I collect flashlights and like them with different colored bodies, but that does not mean that the lights only exists in the color I have, most lights exist in more discrete colors.
Flashlights can be categorized in many different ways, I will start by listing some categories, explain them, and list the lights that are in that category.
The light from LEDs does not contain the full spectrum, but are missing some colors, this will affect how some colors look. These LEDs do not have any mechanical protection and have to be mounted on a heatsink with good thermal connection to the rest of the flashlight. This makes it easy to use the light with one hand, but increases the risk of accidental activation in a pocket or a bag.
This review is about AAA lights and that battery size imposes a limit on maximum output, but anybody that has only used old style incandescent flashlights is in for a big surprise. There are multiple AAA sized battery types, most can be used interchangeably, but one AAA sized battery is very different. These batteries exist in two version, a regular with high capacity (1000+ mAh) and a low discharge type (usual about 800 mAh), this type is also called precharged, because it can be charged at the factory and keep the charge.
If the light is designed for LiIon, the advantage can be higher output with this type of battery.
But it also has one disadvantage, the surface can very easily scratch, on most lights this is solved by using hard-anodizing (Also called Type III anodizing) on the surface. This way to carry the light is rather hard on the look of the light, only HA or steel can really stand up to it. Here is shown a cheap lanyard, that uses a thin wire to attach to the light, a better lanyard will use a ring instead. The light is not one of the cheapest on the market, but has proven that ARC known how to make a very reliable light, that can take all the bumps from everyday use.
From ARC this light can be bought with two different LEDs and it is possible to buy both and change between them. They supplies two tailcaps, one with a switch and one without, the switch can either be with GITD (Glow in the Dark) or black.
For a light without switch, the twist is between head and body, this can also be used as lockout when the switch is mounted. I got the light in a packing where it was possible to try the light, without unwrapping it, an extra battery was also included. The supplied accesories are also the same, but only one battery, because this box has no test button.

The light comes in a wood box with some accessories: lubricant, diffuser and two tail caps, either as necklace or with a clip. All other settings are done by fast changing between these two positions, this requires good dexterity or a bit of light to see the markings.
The programming is very extensive, all light levels and timing of the strobe modes can be programmed.
Alkaline cells are not recommend because they cannot deliver enough power for the light to reach full power. The light does not include any good possibilities for putting it on a keychain, but it is possible to make one that can replace the clip. In the new version the accessories has been reduced, the light is still supplied in the wood box , and includes lubricant, extra o-rings, clip and a keyring, but no diffuser or ball chain. The light is designed to use LiIon and the increased brightness with LiIon is within specifications for this light. My light is in brass and the construction feels very solid and as can be seen on the picture, it is also possible to get a smaller battery tube for the light, I have tried that in my Look on small flashlights. On top of all the usual body options, this light also has 8 power levels and 3 different optic that it can be ordered with.
It has theA highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal — approximately 40% stronger and 40% lighter than stainless steel. There’s alsoA three titanium modelsA available that range in price from $125 to $140.
On lower levels the incandescent light color will be warmer (more red), and the already bad efficiency will be even lower.
These buttons exist in multiple variations, the first on is called “forward switch”, it will turn on when pressed half way down and lock when pressed fully down. These lights will also have a small current drain when off, because the microprocessor need some power to monitor the button. This will prevent any possibility that the lights turns permanently on when using the button. A problem with Alkaline batteries is that they sometimes leak, I do not recommend to use them in expensive lights. The low discharge type can keep a charge for years and I believe that it is the best battery for most flashlights.
This surface treatment is very scratch resistant, but the selection of colors are a limited. The removeable clip is mounted in a recess and will not slide during use and a GITD (Glow in the dark) ring is mounted on the light, making it easy to locate the light during blackouts.
Due to the design the clip will scratch the flashlight body, when replacing the battery and the surface treatment is only type 2.
The light is supplied with two clips a metallic and a black, but they are not a very strong constrution. Pressing a code, the light changes to the advanced user interface with 5 settings, where each setting can be program to a brightness or a flashing mode (The flashing modes are not the same as LF2X).
The battery tube can be equipped with a momentary pushbutton, to turn on permanently the ligth must be screwed together.
The light has two levels, when twisted together it first goes on at low level with a bit more twisting it changes to high level (That is not really that high). These buttons exist in multiple variations, the first on is called ?forward switch?, it will turn on when pressed half way down and lock when pressed fully down. They are good for a flashlight when you need a long runtime and not the most powerful light.
These LEDs are used in more powerful flashlights, and some of the lights can get warm, or hot, when in use. The light is supplied with a lanyard and a split ring, but the light has no hole for mounting the ring (I supposed it must be mounted on the clip). The clip can be mounted in either end of the light and the knurling prevent it from sliding off the light. Oceanographers report thatA titanium immersed for 30 years in saltwater produces no measurable corrosion. For use outdoors in natural settings, the ”warm white" has an advantage, see beamshots for the Peak Eiger for an example of a “warm white” beamshots. Because the LEDs already are encapsulated in a plastic bulb like package, they do not need to sit behind a protective glass in the flashlight. The light output from a flashlight with power led is often far above the output of a typical incandescent flashlight. Some of the lights in this roundup can be ordered with momentary switch, in the photo only then only Eiger is mounted with the push button, but it can also be used on the other lights. Some of the most advanced lights have the ability to adjust the settings (programmable), including both light levels and flash settings.
Also included with the light is a lanyard and a lobster claw, they can either be mounted to the clip or to the tailcap without switch. The light output from it is purple, like other GS lights and the light output is the same as the Fenix E01.
For use outdoors in natural settings, the ?warm white" has an advantage, see beamshots for the Peak Eiger for an example of a ?warm white? beamshots. This is because titanium forms a protective oxide film instantly, when it’s exposed to a trace of air or water. However, this review is about small lights with a single AAA battery, and these batteries do not have enough energy to maintain a high output as long as a 2C or 2D cell incandescent flashlight, even with the efficiency advantage of LEDs.

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