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Although I stayed up until 3:00am ET to pre-order my iPhone 6 Plus from Verizon and got my order in within 8 minutes, I still was horrified to see that I could expect my new phone on October 14 instead of September 19!
Regarding the fingerprint scanner: It works flawlessly for me, but there is enough delay that I can usually type in the code faster.
I bought a Speck CandyShell Grip case before I unboxed the phone because I am paranoid and a klutz.
OK now we are past the basics, I’ll explain WHY finger prints (in consumer grade equipment) are a bad from a security stand point. In order for the system to unlock and decrypt the device it must also store the second half of that key on the device. These types of security are bad in my opinion because they open the doors to new types of attacks, and give a false sense of security to the user.
So far it is a boring upgrade (both hardware and software); I have gotten to the point where working well is good enough for me and I have not bought many more apps (although I love my language apps).
Also the headphones wires are made with a different sheathing (more plasticy than rubbery) that is more durable and doesn’t get dirty.
The hotspot in iOS 8.1 still requires you to have the ability to use your iPhone as a hotspot through your carrier. I have 8.1 on the phone, Yosemite on my Mac, and both are connected to the same iCloud account.
We come to your location (Home, Work, Mcdonalds etc) and repair your iPhone 5s there and then in front of you - In about 30 mins. But walking around the park working up a slight sweat makes it almost impossible to get the sensor to work.
I’m looking forward to trying the iPhone 6 which is supposed to be on its way to me soon. People have their issues with ATT (and every carrier, for that matter), but i have had nothing but terrific service from them since I was migrated over from Cingular.
Sure, complex passwords are the best, but only if people can put up with them and remember them.
A I got lucky and received my 6 Plus earlier than expected, and I’ve been busy trying it out since then. I went with the increased memory because Apple killed the iPod Classic and I needed the room for my music used in reviewing headphones and speakers.

Since my iPhone is always connected to my Mac Pro during the day, battery life is almost a non-issue for me. If however your iPhone is the equivalent of the Presiden’t football then I suggest you change!
This tweak does not require your phone to be jailbroken as it’s an accessibility option. To enable it, just flip the switch located to the right of the option into the on position. A Although the screen is incredibly clear and sharp, and it’s big enough to do most everything I could imagine, it is a bit cramped for typing on the landscape keyboard. This is because my iPhone’s screen is covered by a wallet case and the notification noise is drowned out by the sound of an espresso machine. It is really thin so I needed the Apple case to go with it and then stuck a screen protector on top. A Another consideration for me is finding I’ve drained my battery and needing to tether up for charging during the day. People don’t want a complicate password entry for those occasion where a fingerprint scan would do. A Although I don’t intend to give up my iPad mini anytime soon, I may change my mind about that in the future. A I’ll have plenty of time to play around with the 6 Plus and decide if it, or a similarly-sized future product, can be my only device before my Verizon contract is up for renewal.
A I just wish Apple would listen to my cries and add full cellular phone functionality to the iPad mini! A It’s all glass on the front and smooth metal on the back, which makes the iPhone 6 Plus a slippery little devil. A I keep it in a thin, clear case which gives the phone a little grip without making it too bulky and without obscuring its beauty.
You can clearly see the metal ring around the Home button on the iPhone 6 Plus that indicates it has a thumbprint reader. A I haven’t had a device with a thumbprint reader before this, and I was surprised at how quickly the iPhone was able to learn my fingerprint. A I started out using my right index finger, and the reader was very accurate at identifying me when I opened my iPhone 6 Plus.

A I eventually added a second finger, my right thumb, and it was learned as easily and is read as accurately as my index finger. A Of course, being a creature of habit, I sometimes forget to leave my finger on the thumbprint pad and swipe the screen as always.
A When I do press it, especially when I’m simultaneously pressing the Home button to capture the screen, I find that I also press the volume buttons on the other side of the phone. A I tried Zooming while I was writing this, and I think it makes the contents of folders just a bit easier to see.
A To make it easier to reach the items at the top of the screen, you double-touch (not double-tap, because that opens up the window showing open apps) the Home button to make the screen contents slide down so you can reach the top items.
A You can see that some editing function keys have been added at each side, using up the extra room. A With my iPhone 5, I mostly used it for texting and some email, very infrequent surfing or app use, and the occasional 2-hour phone call.
A It certainly hasn’t replaced my iPad mini, but I have surfed on it and played games on it several times since the last charge. A I’ve read a magazine, and I have watched about 30-40 minutes of video since the last charge. A You can see from this image that I got 13 hours, 47 minutes of use time over 5 days, 15 hours since the last full charge. A I think even extreme power users should expect at least a full day between charges, unless you watch a lot of movies or play a lot of power-intensive games. I find the iPhone 6 Plus to be large compared to my iPhone 5, but I quickly became accustomed to the bigger size. A I like using the thumbprint reader, but I’m a little disappointed that the power button is in a different place.

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