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This question is from 850 Lumen LED Flashlight 6 answers Can you use rechargeable batteries in this flashlight? Another mod to make is to solder on a bit of bell wire or thicker wire to the positive terminal, so you have a post to solder the flexible wire onto. We bought 4 Packs , My husband opened his of course and is very happy, Thank You Again Home Depot and Staff, WOW GREAT PRICE MAY I ADD! 2-Pack flashlight and headlamp with LED technology each flashlight with 6 bright and energy saving LED bulbs. When I got the flashlight and was trying to get it out of the package it fell out of my hands onto the floor. The Vermont American 1 LED Pen Flashlight is the perfect addition to your office supply drawer or home tool box. The craftsmanship, engineering and advanced technology are evident and the flashlight is built tough enough to last a lifetime. I did make a dummy cell out of a dud 18650 battery with about a half in aluminum spacer on one end.

Each headlamp with 2 bright white LEDs for long range light and 1 red LEDs for night vision light. As long as you are here you must have some interest in flashlights or headlamps whether in a future purchase or comparison reviews. I thought it was a goner but I was very wrong because upon insertion of the batteries not only did it work but the beam of light was so bright and strong.
The compact design and convenient pocket clip provide easy fit and availability, clipped onto your purse or in your pocket..
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Ran a Tenergy 18650 L-ion in one of these and although it boosted the lumens for about a second and a half, it fried the driver. Whatever motivation you may have you can check out our bi-weekly listings of current reviews posted around the Web. Later that week we lost our power and I was so relieved to have a working, bright flashlight that could roll off a table and still work.

Powered by two CR123A Lithium batteries or one high capacity 18650 Li-ion battery, PD32 delivers max 315 Lumens of b.
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Unfortunately, the whole thing is covered in a nonconductive clear paint except in a few key locations, where a strip of metal touches the case, and is soldered to a wire, which goes up into the LED array and is soldered to the ground up there.
Well, it turns out that the paint interfers with a solid connection between the strip of metal and the upper edge of the lower portion of the case.
After doing a lot of random things like resoldering everything, I figured out that I needed to put a bit of solder onto the strips, to make them thicker, then I needed to sand the upper edge of the cylinder to make sure I got a good connection.

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