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Supplied as 3 separate items, this will require minor assembly.TK15 light can be used in this configuration, or as a stand alone light and comes complete with tail cap press switch.
Impact resistant at 1 metre, and water resistant to 2m (not suitable for prolonged underwater use).
Additional features: Cree XP G R5 LED bulb, removable pocket clip, anti-roll collar, knurled finish for improved grip, tail cap activation, lanyard fitting and lanyard, supplied complete with black nylon belt pouch.
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UK Company Registration 06173943 - Registered Office Marlbridge House, Enterprise way, Edenbridge, Kent. The Surefire E1B Backup Torch is an ultra compact dual-output flashlight developed as a duty light for plainclothes officers or as a backup light for patrol officers as described in SureFire's Tactical Trinity system for law enforcement, but is also ideal for outdoor, self-defense, and everyday use.
Surefire E1B Backup Torch features a virtually indestructible power-regulated LED emitter and a precision Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens. This site requires JavaScript to function properly.Please enable JavaScript in your web browser.
The Light Strike 360 Tactical Flashlight is one tool that incorporates the latest in design and technology to change your whole perspective on what you expect from a flashlight. Professionals such as firemen, military personnel, or law enforcement officers will tell you that a reliable, high quality flashlight can be the difference between life and death. So, how is the LS 360 different from a conventional flashlight available today in Australia? You can actually tell the difference by just holding this military flashlight in your hand.

Apart from high, low, and medium lighting modes, the Light Strike 360 has strobe and SOS modes available. This amazing tactical flashlight incorporates cutting edge military technology and yet is available at an unbelievable price here in Australia.
Get hold of this amazing tool and make use of it in your car, your home, office, or just carry it in your pocket wherever you go. The T12G is a high performance and dependable LED flashlight with multi-modes specially designed for the security, law enforcement, maintenance, search and rescue markets, and is ready for the most extreme hot and cold weather conditions.
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Smooth body styling minimizes pocket snag and pressure points when worn close to the body, and the two-way clip allows bezel-up or bezel-down carry. A flashlight is one of the most common tools used by people on a daily basis for centuries now.
These professionals put their lives on the line everyday and they do not set foot on the field without a good military flashlight at their disposal. For starters, the Light Strike 360 Tactical Torch is virtually light years away from its contemporaries available in Australia in terms of design, incorporated technology, and utility value.
The body is fashioned from aircraft grade machined aluminum that will last you a lifetime and probably more.
This means you are prepared to operate to your full capacity in zero visibility and works in challenging environments. With this amazing flashlight in your possession, you don’t ever have to be afraid of the dark.

Buyers who make false age declarations are obtaining goods through deceit and will be subject to legal proceedings.
When it comes to reliability and practical utility value, those old plastic halogen flashlights do not stand a chance. The manufacturers of this product have a solid reputation of providing uncompromising quality at an amazing price. Its superior design ensures it is light and easy to handle in the most challenging situations.
The flashlight runs on two AAA batteries, which means you can forget about changing your batteries every week. Strobe) with an easily push switch to reach up to 500 lumens output, and up to 76 hours run time.
From the big, bulky, and heavy torches that glowed softly in the night, technology has taken the concept of a flashlight to a whole new level today. Compact LED technology has indeed changed the concept of lighting in a big way today, making flashlights smaller, more powerful, energy friendly, and with a much longer life. It is virtually indestructible and capable of taking a rough knock or a fall without suffering a scratch. The carrying strap, batteries and charging system comes with the package and provides the best power source solution for your every day actions. The Lightstrike 360 comes with a blinding 700 lumens of lighting capacity ensuring you have phenomenal range and illuminating power at your disposal.
High performance, reliable and durable, the T12G Set is everything you need to accomplish your task with ease.

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