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The SureFire X300 features a high-efficiency LED that generates 170 lumens of brilliant white light focused by a Total Internal Reflection (TIR) lens to produce a tight beam with good reach and significant surround light for peripheral vision. There are the inexpensive weapon lights and flashlights that happen to have a picatinny rail adapter and there is the X300 LED Surefire weapon light. Like all Surefire products the fit and finish is perfect with a durable hard anodized finish on the billet aluminum body.
The SureFire X300 LED weapon light features a high-efficiency LED that generates 170 lumens of brilliant white light for a 2.4 hour run-time on two supplied standard 123A Lithium batteries. Attaching the Surefire X300 to any standard 1913 picatinny or universal pistol rail is straight forward with the supplied adapters but as noted above may require a little tuning with the retaining screws. Everyone seems to like their lights mounted in different places however I typically mount mine on the forend strong side so as I grip the forend with my left hand I can toggle and control the light without having to change my typical grip. The Surefire X300 is a durable, small, and lightweight high output LED weapon light that delivers a class leading 170 lumens.

The Surefire X300 was so tight that the integrated rail lock really is it not needed however the rails can be loosened via the rail retention screws to customize fit as I did. The beam is typical Surefire beam style with a tight focused beam for rifle length engagements gradually flooding to the lighting edge for peripheral room-to-room ambient lighting. Moving the X300 weapon light from a Glock to a rifle will require swapping the adapters which as expected is a 5 minute job and not a instant swap to the other adapter.
Hier handelt es sich um die Taktische Lampe für echte Schusswaffen, und nicht um die SoftAir-Kopien. The high-strength aerospace aluminum body is Mil-Spec hard anodized for superior toughness and corrosion resistance, and is O-ring and gasket sealed to make it submersible to 22 meters. Unless you have been a cave dweller, you should know by now that LED lights, such as the one on this Surefire X300, are the most durable, recoil-proof, and highest output option with no filament to burn out or break. The switch provides both momentary and constant on with a simple finger touch to the end of the cap or flip of the ambidextrous switch.

The X300 Rail-Lock® system comes with adapter plates permitting rapid attachment to and removal from either Universal or Picatinny rails. Die High-Performance LED erzeugt eine Leuchtkraft von 500 Lumen, betrieben wird diese druch zwei CR123A Batterien (im Lieferumfang). Optional pistol grip switches permit operation with the top grip finger, leaving the index finger free to operate the handgun trigger.

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