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SureFire has completely re-invented its Dedicated Shotgun Forend WeaponLights from the top.
The DSF features large, tactile momentary and constant-on switches on both sides for precise control by left- and right-handed shooters. All DSF models produce tactical-level light (over 50 lumens) for 3 hours on two 123A lithium batteries.
The new units feature flashlights that have a maximum output of 600 lumens and run up to three hours on two CR123A batteries.
The LED’s light is focused by a precision reflector to create a smooth, wide beam perfect for closer-range shotgun applications typical in law enforcement and home defense—with enough reach and surround light to properly identify threats and maintain situational awareness. Older forend lights from SureFire, the 317 & 617 series, had 100 and 200 lumens output respectively. An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur.
The previous versions have been very good, and the increase to 600 lumens will be very well received. I have heard that they make good quality products, but it would be nice if they made a value level for ~$200 while maintaing the same level of quality. It would also be nice if they offered the head alone as an upgrade to owners of previous models. On the other hand, you ARE firing a gun that may have upwards of 58 ft-lbs of free recoil energy. Though I fully respect anyone else feeling that they need to run a mini-sun on their rifle.

The UTG 2 in-1 is powered by 6 volts using 2 CR123A lithium batteries, giving an overall battery life of up to 2 hours of consistent run time. The only negative of this light would actually be the xenon bulb, since LED bulbs put off the most light with the least amount of power and heat. Another big positive to this light is its LED bulb lasting up to 10,000 hours with an output of 220 lumens.
This Protec is made out of aircraft grade aluminum which attributes to its feather weight and durability.  A great feature is being waterproof which is a must for most tactical scenarios.
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Most e-commerce websites that I see out there just give you a picture and a couple sentences and some stats, but don't really tell you very much about the products. If you come across any inaccuracies about the products, or simply have additional insights or contrasting opinions of them, please don't hesitate to contact me so that I may research them further and provide a better experience for our readers.
The new DSF-Series Shotgun Forend models are the latest addition to SureFire’s class of integrated weapon-mounted lights. No permanent modification to host weapon is necessary for installation, and all models seamlessly integrate into place of the factory forend. Selecting the LED’s output is achieved by activating the light in constant-on mode and then pressing the output-mode selector switch until the desired output level (600 or 200 lumens) is set. Another shotgun forend that still costs more than my norinco 870 clone… I agree with most people on here about the cost.
The batteries required are the CR123A lithium batteries, with a total battery life of up to 70 minutes.

All DSF models feature an ultra-high-output of 600 lumens on its high setting and 200 lumens on its lower setting. The selected output can then be left in constant-on mode or switched to momentary activation, and it stays at that output level until reset. It gave me more than enough light to go room clearing without blinding myself, for everything else I had NV on the rifle. I’m sure its an awesome light but why is no one making a decent forend light for under 200?
In any tactical situation every piece of your gear weighs you down, and slows you down, the lighter and more durable the better. It weighs a full 16 oz. What is exceptional for this product is that it comes with a full lifetime warranty straight from the manufacturer.
Additional features include a precision reflector, ambidextrous switching, and sleek high-impact polymer that is textured for a secure grip in any tactical situation. Every DSF-Series WeaponLight also features an integrated system-disable switch to prevent accidental activation during transport, storage, or stealth operations. It uses recessed magnets that never touch your gun and prevent any scratching of any kind to your beloved weapon.

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