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I have the HP and the basic 300 lumen model (both strobe), and have been interested in getting another TLR light. Everyone is getting all excited about this light (see the multiple threads already posted) all because of the lumen rating on it. The page you are looking for may have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable. I feel that far and away the best place for a light on one of these is between the bore and the front sight.

Also, having it further forward than most mounts is a big advantage in terms of casting a shadow. A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote.
I called Brightflashlights to see if he knew of a release date, he said they haven't heard anything yet and it still isn't on the order sheets. This way-- since things can go wrong with the best of lights-- you are sure to have light when you need it, without a big weight and bulk penalty. Guessing the front needs to hang off the rail.I have the HP model (similar bezel if not the same), it will either need to be mounted at the end of rails or put on a riser.
Most of the people that are excited about it are already users of the standard HP model and want to know what this model will do.

The candela doesn't increase like the lumens do between models so that leads me to believe it'll either have a much wider hotspot or have much more light in the flood portion of the beam, maybe both.
Going from 200 to nearly 800 lumens with the minor increase in candela means the light's hotspot intensity remains mostly unchanged.
Where the extra light goes could make this either a great gp light or an even more specialized light suitable for an airport.

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