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The Streamlight Stylus PRO USB Rechargeable Penlight is and innovative, rechargeable LED flashlight that produces 70 lumens. BrightGuy, Inc is a major supplier of flashlights for firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports.
The Streamlight rechargeable Stylus Pro USB is a sleek, compact pen light, that allows you the flexibility of charging on-the-go using the USB cord or the compact AC wall adaptor.
The new Streamlight rechargeable Stylus Pro USB features a white C4 LED to provide exceptional brightness and utility for a light its size.
The highly durable Stylus Pro USB has a machined aluminum case with an anodized, abrasion-resistant finish.
Based on reader comments (special thanks to Jason), I’ve added a few new items to my Dopp Kit contents.  Keep the discussion going and suggestions coming, great stuff so far!
It is cavernous when needed (holds full size bottles), but also compresses nearly flat when empty. As for contents, I always carry a couple of Tylenol or Advil PM’s and a couple pairs of disposable ear plugs.
I also like to keep a small cheap pen light in an easy to access outside pocket and I use gaffer tape instead of duct tape because it’s easier to remove with less residue. I don’t carry prescription meds unless I have an electronic or paper copy of the prescription with my name on it.
I’ll be permanently adopting all three as staples into my kit before my next trip, coming up here in a couple of weeks.
LED penlight, you should ALWAYS have some kind of light source that you know exactly where it is. I also never unpack anything from mine (even the phone charger is an extra one, just for the kit), keep it packed, fully stocked and ready to go at a moment’s notice. Just ordered a Streamlight Stylus Pro for my pen light based upon the shining reviews I researched through.

Another option for a penlight is the excellent Fenix LD01 which is a single AAA light with 3 modes. A general rule that I learned a long time ago working in the automotive industry is that if you need it at least 3 times, you need to buy it.
Thanks to you for this excellent article It’s small things like the contents of your Dopp kit that can mean the difference between happiness and misery on a simple overnight. But you might already be able to tell that I’m a high maintenance traveler, so my kit might not suit everyone! I’ll be updating my list here shortly, as some items have failed and some have been added!
The leather Billykirk keychain fob actually came with one of their Carryalls I’m currently testing. I’m currently finishing up the Road Test of the 166 Carryall, in black on black color option. All photos, design, graphics and text are © 2016 copyright their respective owners or SWPS. A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote. The 70 lumens and 630 candela peak beam intensity over a run time of 3.5 hours and the light also delivers a beam distance of 50 meters. He’s contributed to the lost art of manly moustaches, and earned a reputation for reviews that keep our core carry nuts learning.
When you think of how much time they spend in damp environments, how hard they can be to clean when something inevitably explodes or spills, and how heavy they are for what they do (esp. Travel in the Third World sold me early on the benefits of hanging kits but that hook has seen duty in the Peninsulas and Hampton Inns of the world as well. It hangs, and the pockets are smartly arranged and zippered so that your junk doesn’t fall out when you hang and unzip.

Riding a scooter, just became a bit annoyed with the messenger bag around the shoulder for the limited amount of stuff I needed at work and reverted to a toiletry bag that I’d stuff under the seat. I guess it would work well for people that need a bit more organisation with less stuff for a carry-on dopp kit, but I appreciate that some may find it a bit too small (all your stuff would definitely not fit!). Just had a thought while reading through the comments, it might be useful to include an eye mask in a dopp kit (like what you get on planes but you could opt for a better quality one if you wanted). However it’s a lightweight item that could be scrunched up and stuck in a dopp kit without any hassle.
Allows you the flexibility of charging on-the-go using the USB cord or the compact AC wall adapter. Recently though I stumbled on a small waist bag by RipCurl in the local surf shop, for AUD$29. That way you wouldn’t have to spend time going around taping and untaping annoying lights (plus depending on where you are, street lights could be blocked too if relevant).
I would keep the extra socks and stuff in your pack and keep the extra space for something else. Shop online for closeout items, bargains, discounts, good deals, cheap prices and other great values for sale every day. Depending on the configuration, the MSRP of the Stylus Pro USB ranges from $80-$100 and includes Streamlight’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.
If I’ve not used it at least 3 times in a reasonable time frame, it gets left at home. SWPS has everyday low prices, below dealer wholesale cost & the largest inventory in the US !

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