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Streamlight stinger ds led hl rechargeable flashlight : The streamlight stinger ds led hl rechargeable flashlight is compact and emits powerful illumination with up to 640 lumens.
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One of the latest additions to Streamlight’s Stinger line of rechargeable flashlights is the top-of-the-line Stinger DS LED HP.
Depending on charger configuration, MSRP for the Stinger DS LED HP is around $224, and the light is only available in black. Included in the box are: Streamlight Stringer DS LED HP, 1 x NiCd rechargeable battery, 2 x charging cradle, 4 x mounting screws, AC adapter, cigarette lighter adapter, Streamlight catalog, and user manual. It’s rare to see NiCd batteries still in use today, as nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) or lithium-ion batteries are more commonly used. To charge the light, insert the barrel of the light into the charger, and pull down until it locks.
The head features a coated scratch-resistant polycarbonate plastic window and a smooth reflector. The window and reflector are attached to the head assembly, so the Stinger DS LED HP can be defocused by loosening the head.
On the tail cap is another electronic switch, which covered by black rubber with Streamlight’s logo on it.
Both the head and tail switches are responsive with good travel, although I tend to prefer using the head switch since this is a larger-sized light.
When either button is pressed and held, the light will slowly cycle through the three brightness levels in high-medium-low-medium-high order. The light is rated for IPX4 water-resistance, which means it can withstand splashing water from all directions, so rainfall is nothing to be worried about.
If you haven’t read our article about runtime graphs and the ANSI FL1 Standard, please click here. The ANSI FL-1 standardized output and runtime specifications of the Stinger DS LED HP were made using the standard NiCd battery pack. Streamlight offers a variety of charging options and add-ons, such as traffic wands and holsters.

The PiggyBack charger charges both the light and a spare battery at the same time, and is available in a choice of standard or fast charging for the primary charger. The Stinger DS LED HP rechargeable system is yet another refinement of Streamlight’s flagship Stinger line, and ordering the light can be customized with a choice of charging options and single (Stinger LED HP) or dual switch (Stinger DS LED HP). There are more differences between the lights than just the bezel, and you would probably need several more parts. The Fast Charger must be connected directly to the vehicle battery or to the unswitched side of the ignition through a 2 amp fuse. A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote. As a member of the Stinger rechargeable family, the Stinger DS LED HP is compatible with Stinger family charging products.
While NiCd is not as energy dense, they have lower self-discharge, and tolerate abuse (such as overdischarge) better. Streamlight advises that the “memory effect” common to NiCd batteries is rare under normal flashlight use, so it isn’t recommended to condition the battery with frequent complete discharging. The scratch resistant coating is a proprietary silicon dioxide coating that is cured onto the plastic for a minimum pencil hardness of 3H (meaning that only a pencil with 3H hardness or higher will be able to scratch the window). Charging contacts are on the back of the light, on an elevated triangle that orients the light in the charging cradle. As such, the switch does not have “on or off” like a mechanical switch, and this allows for switching modes, or using the other switch, at anytime.
Since the light uses electronic switches, there is a small standby current drain of 5 µA (0.005 mA), which is negligible.
The discrepancy between the manufacturer specification and our runtime test can be attributed to the age of our NiCd battery. For my review, a PiggyBack fast charger accessory was separately ordered (item # 75276), which includes a charger cradle and spare battery (no AC adapter is included with PiggyBack accessories). The HP model offers a large reflector for a more intense beam over the Stinger LED, yet is completely compatible with most previous Stinger line accessories. It would probably be more cost-effective to purchase the regular LED model and sell your HP.
Use a lighter plug only if the vehicle lighter socket is not switched off by the ignition switch and only if the plug fits the lighter securely. The Stinger DS LED HP features more intensity and throw over the Stinger LED, and also includes unique DualSwitch technology that allows independent activation with either the tailcap switch or head-mounted switch.

The most complex part about this light is probably choosing the right charger configuration before placing your order! For temporary use, the head can be removed for a complete flood beam, but care must be taken to prevent dust from getting onto the LED or reflector, as they are exposed. To return the light to high, double-click the switch again (this would turn the light off then immediately turn it back on). A couple rings are visible around the hotspot due to the design of the LED, but these artifacts are fairly minor. With a brand new battery, NiCd runtime will exceed 2h, but our runtime test was conducted six months after publishing this review. There is a risk of battery damage or explosion if the fast charger power supply is repeatedly switched "off" and "on." When the charger is delivering maintenance rate, the drain on a vehicle battery is minimized. There are over thirty different variations, but once you have identified the options you want, a quick look at the Info Sheet for the corresponding item number will get you the package that you want.
Charging the battery slowly is optimal for battery longevity, but naturally, it takes longer. Finally, it is time to pick the power source (or lack thereof, there is a package for just the light and battery for those that already have a charger). Touting features that include 350 lumens of total light output and 56,000 candela, the rechargeable DS LED HP is clearly a serious flashlight. However, this is still a fairly slow charge rate, so “fast charging” wouldn’t have much effect on battery longevity.
To give you an idea of the differences in products, the original Stinger using a high-output incandescent bulb is rated for 90 lumens and 11,000 candela. This chart shows the light output from the Streamlight DS LED HP at each of the lighting levels. This illustration shows the difference between the HP and HL models of Stinger LED flashlights.
At the end of the day, each officer has to determine what is more important: extreme brightness close in or the ability to reach out long distances with a focused beam.

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