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The Streamlight SL-20XP LED rechargeable flashlight offers the combination of a center halogen lamp plus 3 long run-time LEDs. BrightGuy, Inc is a major supplier of flashlights for firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports.
Streamlight SL-20XP rechargeable flashlight has a super tough polymer body with a foam non-slip grip. More than 40 years ago the beginnings of Streamlight were in Fairfield, NJ, when a few engineers went to work trying to replicate the light of the sun outside of the Earth’s atmosphere for NASA.
In 1973 after their work with NASA as over a private investor from Philadelphia took interest in the company and purchased them. Streamlight flashlights are some of the best tactical flashlights in the world, they are in an elite group of high quality manufactures that definitely deserve your attention and research when trying to find the best flashlight.
The Streamlight ClipMate® USB is a compact, lightweight rechargeable flashlight with a flexible neck.

The Streamlight UltraStinger is a professional grade rechargeable xenon flashlight with 230 lumens and a measured beam distance of 1,227 ft. A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote. The Streamlight SL-20X flashlight is made of tough machined aircraft aluminum and designed to last a lifetime.
Due to their task specific designs you may find a Streamlight that fits your needs better than anything else.
Come check out our Best Flashlight articles to see where we think Streamlight takes the cake.
The heavy-duty clip allows the user to attach this small light to a pocket, vest or cap for hands-free lighting. The Streamlight Clipmate USB light has a bright white C4 LED with 2 brightness levels and a low-light red LED with 2 brightness levels.

Red LED lighting is good for low light situations when minimal light is needed (provides enough light for navigation in the dark but does not disturb others). The battery will support a minimum of 1 hour of LED light after the incandescent (main halogen bulb) runs out. This flashlight incorporates a 10-watt halogen bulb that is pre-focused and permanently set into the reflector. This gives you a perfect beam every time you turn on Streamlight SL-20X with the best combination of spot and general illumination. For increased brightness of 25%, you can install the bulb used in the Streamlight SL-35X (20-watt) into your Streamlight SL-20X rechargeable flashlight.

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