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Headlamps have been around for a long time and have evolved from the large and helmet mounted lights used in mines, etc., to small and sleek headlights used today for sports, caving, hiking as well as being used in occupations. Compared to many recent lights, this Streamlight Headlight is on the large side physically and it makes the most of it in output. The light is supplied with 2 different straps – one to wear on your head and one to use with a helmet.
I always worry about headlamp flashlights turning on when I’m carrying it throughout the day in my pockets. The new light uses a C4A® LED to deliver 1,100 lumens, and 36,000 candela over a beam distance of 379 meters on the high setting. The ProTac HL 3, powered by three (3) 3-volt CR123A batteries, features a multi-function, push-button tail switch that permits one-handed operation.
Available in black, the ProTac HL 3 has an MSRP of $155.00 and includes Streamlighta€™s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Sponsored Content is made possible by our sponsor; it does not necessarily reflect the views of our editorial staff. Subscribe to the magazine or email newsletter today at no cost and receive the latest news and information. IDG Capital Partners, MLS, and Yiwu State-Owned Assets Operation Center pay EUR 400 million for the LEDvance lamps and lighting business that had recently been carved-out from its Osram parent. The US Department of Energy has released a new Caliper Snapshot report on linear LED tubes intended as fluorescent replacements and such lamps now represent the majority of all lamps listed in the Lighting Facts database.
Eaton has announced a joint offer of its LED luminaires combined with gateway modules, sensors, and control panels from NuLEDs that can together yield a Power over Ethernet (PoE) connected SSL system. Philip Smallwood of Strategies Unlimited explains why sensor-integrated, connected lighting and technologies such as indoor positioning will be the most effective ways for large warehouses to boost operational efficiency. In this article that covers some of the latest LED driver products from a number of prominent vendors, Maury Wright spotlights state-of-the-art value-added features in drivers.

The LED lighting industry wants to become a vital part of the Internet of Things, but it can't get there alone. Last fall I picked up a Streamlight ProTac HL flashlight to use for the Day-Night-Day match, since at the time I didn’t have a suitable flashlight. Fast forward a year or so, and I’ve actually been enjoying the ProTac HL as a EDC flashlight during the months of the year where it gets dark earlier. Beyond the light being too bright sometimes, my biggest complaint when using it paired up to a handgun was the switch. When attempting to use the light with a handgun during the Day-Night-Day match last December, I found that these bumps around the switch made using the light with a syringe grip nearly impossible.
After some careful consideration, I set to work with the Dremel and a cutting wheel, and very carefully cut all three bumps off of the tailcap around the switch.
Simply browse through the website, find the product(s) you want and add them to the shopping cart. Is there a down payment required and are there any prepayment penalties for paying off a loan early? The loan that you were approved for is good for 90 days from the date you receive your pre-approval. Throughout the order process you will receive a series of emails informing you of your order status. HIGH LUMEN TACTICAL LIGHT Our first hand-held, lithium battery-powered programmable flashlight that provides 600 lumens of light with 253 meters of beam distance. Designed for operations requiring maximum illumination, the programmable, lithium battery-powered flashlight is the brightest addition yet to the companya€™s series of HL (High Lumen) lights. The light has an IPX7 rated design for waterproof operation to one meter for 30 minutes, and is impact resistance-tested to one meter. I had more than a little trouble with the light during the match, and afterwards I considered making some modifications to it, but just couldn’t bring myself to start hacking on (what at the time was) a $100 flashlight.

Having those 600 lumens have come in handy a time or two, although I still wish the light had a mode that would put out about 200-300 lumens instead of just the really dim 33 lumens, or too-bright-most-of-the-time 600 lumens. I couldn’t get the button pushed into the palm of my hand hard enough to activate the switch unless it was in just the right spot, and I would have to re-adjust after every shot fired. Extra caution was taken not to bump the rubber switch with the cutting wheel, and I made a decent cut all the way around.
I’m hoping to make it to the 2014 Day-Night-Day match later this month to give it a try. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat. Carried this as a backup and ran a low light qual that really showed the downsides of the tailcap design.
Once you are done shopping, click the on the Shopping Cart icon on the top of the page or click View Cart within the product. In the past year it’s been used, dropped, and scratched to the point that I decided it was alright to modify. We had some lousy weather like everyone else and I was helping a neighbor get their car out of the snow.
AA flashlights and features a curly cord that expands up to ten inches for convenient placement on the firearm. If you have over $750.00 of products, you are eligible to apply and click the Apply Now icon below your total.

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