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The Streamlight ProTac HL (High Lumen) headlamp has 3 brightness levels with up to 635 lumens. BrightGuy, Inc is a major supplier of flashlights for firefighters, police, industry and outdoor sports. The Help portion of the toolbar on most browsers will tell you how to enable and disable JavaScript. Otherwise please call us Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm ET at 440-942-8318 or 888-881-1908 and we will be glad to help you out over the phone.
Streamlight ProTac HL is one of the brightest tactical LED flashlights with a 750 lumen output in high. Due to high demand and our desire to serve as many Customers as possible, we are currently limiting the quantity that each individual Customer may order.
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New for 2014, the Streamlight ProTac HL 3 marks the company’s first entry into the 1000+ lumen tactical flashlight market. The ProTac HL 3 has a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price of $155 and can be found at retail for around $90.
The ProTac HL 3 arrives in a plastic clamshell blister pack containing the light, three Duracell DL123A batteries, a nylon holster and an owner’s manual. Constructed of 6000 series aluminum with an anodized black finish, the ProTach HL 3 measures a relatively compact 7.10 inches long. Batteries install from the tail with electrical contact provided by a spring in the tailcap and a metal tab at the head. Four cooling fins adorn the head of the ProTac HL 3 and are machined flat at three points around the head’s circumference. The Cree XM-L2 emitter and smooth reflector are protected by a glass lens with anti-reflective coating. The aluminum tailcap houses a forward-click switch which allows momentary operation with a partial press and constant-on activation with a full press, and click, of the switch. To advance to the next preset program, starting with the light OFF, tap and release the switch quickly 9 times (within 0.4 seconds per tap) and tap and hold the 10th tap until the light turns off. The Cree XM-L2 emitter and smooth reflector combine to produce a beam with a tight center hot spot and bright spill.

The following slides show the ProTac HL 3 compared to a variety of other lights to give some perspective with regard to output and beam profile. Battery Station 123A lithium primary batteries were used to measure runtime performance of the ProTac HL 3 in high mode. Although two 17500 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries will fit and function, Streamlight does not currently support any rechargeable battery options for the ProTac HL 3.
When operated continuously in high mode, output drops steadily over the first several minutes until it levels out just below 60% of its initial level. The head of the ProTac HL 3 heats up rapidly during the first several minutes of operation and then stabilizes along with the output. The Streamlight ProTac HL 3 should be a heavy hitter in the 1000+ lumen handheld light market, particularly when considering its price point below $100.
Part of this is due to the fact that Streamlight didn’t just add a longer battery tube and different electronics to their existing ProTac HL. Although it comes equipped with a pocket clip, the large head and length of the ProTac HL 3 do not make it a good candidate for pants pocket carry, although it is easily carried in a cargo pocket or inside jacket pocket.
The body and tailcap thread together smoothly and there is only a slight amount of battery rattle when the light is subjected to impact. Operation of the ProTac HL 3 is relatively straight-forward, even with its several options with regard to programs and output modes. Considered as a whole, the Streamlight ProTac HL 3 offers a very nice combination of output, beam reach, and price. Posted in Flashlight Reviews, Streamlight Reviews and tagged LED Flashlight Reviews, Streamlight.
I don’t think Streamlight supports the use of 17500s but I can say they fit and work well in my HL 3.
About Flashlight UniversityFlashlight University was developed to keep consumers informed about new products, changes in flashlight technology, and fixes to common flashlight problems. The new Streamlight ProTac HL 3 is a High Lumen flashlight with a Ten-Tap Programmable switch to allow selection of three different operating modes - 1. The is a great choice for anyone who needs hands-free lighting with high brightness - great choice for general home use, industrial work applications, security, law enforcement, EMT, outdoor sports, hunting, fishing and more. A team member will respond to your request with a formal price quote, product information, and shipping quote. Customers should in no way infer that MidwayUSA has validated review information as safe, accurate or appropriate. Products that are Shipped Alone incur separate "Per Order" and "Per Pound" shipping charges. Carriers charge extra to ship packages with products they consider hazardous, such as reloading powder and primers. This occurs when all Customer Service Representatives are busy serving other Customers, or Customer Service is closed. A The tailcap switch is partially shrouded by three small projections on the tailcap which reduce the possibility of accidental activation and allow the light to tailstand if necessary.

A The holster has a Velcro closure for the front flap and an adjustable Velcro attachment point on the back. A The overall beam has a slightly cool tint with a very small amount of green present in the corona around the center hotspot. A The images can be compared across their full widths using the slider and additional comparisons can be viewed by using the navigation buttons in the bottom-right corner of each image. A Output remains at this level for an additional 45 minutes followed by a long decline as the batteries are depleted, providing the user plenty of warning to change batteries or switch to a backup light. A As with several other lights with similar performance, the ProTac HL 3 does not maintain its rated output when used for extended lengths of time but it does sustain a very respectable 600+ lumens for over 45 minutes.
A Instead, the new ProTac HL 3 uses a substantially larger head which allows the use of a considerably larger reflector and provides more mass for drawing heat away from the LED.
A The clip also provides additional resistance to rolling which is necessary when laying the flashlight on anything other than a very slight incline. A Overall, the ProTac HL 3 feels solid in the hand and the black Type II anodized finish is very even.
A Mode selection seems reliable after a bit of practice and I had no problems switching from one program to the next. Because of variations in the manufacturing process, similar products may have differing weights.
A The ProTac HL 3 is also programmable, allowing users to select one of three preset programs based upon their needs. A The intense center portion of the beam is effective to 100 yards distance while the spill provides plenty of illumination out to about 30 yards. A Even at this reduced level, the ProTac HL3 will still reach further than most similar lights at their full output thanks to its tightly focused beam. A The preset programs allow a fair number of options although I personally would have preferred the availability of a 150 lumen medium mode instead of the strobe.
Multi battery versatility means you can always use primary disposable cells to power the light when a charging source is not available. Unless the product is designated as “Ships Alone”, Shipping Weight does not include the shipping box or packing materials associated with your order.
A The beam cuts off abruptly at the edges which may reduce glare from nearby objects but also limits peripheral vision. Designed for use in all markets, it features a tail cap switch for momentary or constant on operation, three different user selectable programs and a pocket clip for convenience.
The aluminum housing with Type II Military Spec anodizing helps make the light extremely durable and abrasion resistant.

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