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Eco Keychain Solar Charger 1200mAh supplies a short burst of power for one small electronic device that does not suck up too much power. An Eco Keychain Solar Charger is great for smart phones such as Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry's, Apple I-phone and most Androids. Great video for DIY (do it yourself) Solar Mobile Computer Charger using a 10-watt off-grid solar power system.

Recharge: Approximately 2 hours by 1A AC Adapter and approximately 20 hours of direct sunlight by solar panel trickle charge. If you plan to use a solar charger for a slightly larger device such as a Samsung Galaxy smart phone's, Blackberry's, Apple I-phone 5 and most Androids, consider an Eco Mobile Solar Charger. Wall adapter not included, but the following adapters are available: American, European, China, Hong Kong. If you aim the solar panel to direct sunlight to trickle charge your solar charger and you plan to make just one phone call or single picture, generating your own power from the sun is a totally clean solution. This product is plenty good enough if you are desperate for a short "blast of juice." The solar panel is too small to adequately provide a quick source of power, but is available as a last resort.

Otherwise, recharge by connecting to a laptop or computer; or plug into the wall using an adapter (not included).

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