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Have light working off the flashlight’s solar charge or off of its convenient, easy-to-change coin cells for your alternative to solar light. It’ll work great using it as a light for reading or writing, or pretty much as any general work light. Don’t be fooled by its slender body and lightweight manner—the Hybrid was built to last whether your summer camp experience means kickin’ back to relax or actually roughin’ it in the great outdoors.
The best part about this flashlight is that it’s always charging if there’s light somewhere around it—it doesn’t need direct sunlight. Parents, the Hybrid Solar Flashlight is not only a great flashlight for camping but also as a general, around-the-house and emergency flashlight after camp is over. While the flashlight is off, if the middle, red light is on, that means the flashlight is charging.
When you flick the button the first time, the first, green light will turn on to indicate that you’re using the solar power.
Flick the button a second time and the third light will turn on to indicate that you’re using the two lithium batteries stored in the bottom of the flashlight.
RushChoose from select Rush items and our Customer Service team will make sure you get it on time! Scientists from the National Center for Atmospheric Research will publish in tomorrow’s edition of the journal Science that the last 10 years have been the warmest 10-year period in the arctic compared to any withing the last 2000 years.

And while we are collectively healthier for eating less trans-fat, there are measurable global consequences that have resulted from this relatively tiny shift in our dietary habits.  Namely, deforestation on a vast scale and threatened species nearing extinction.
Scientists at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute have captured nearly conclusive evidence of glacial surface meltwater draining in Greenland, and its corresponding effect on ice sheet movement. Until now, it was hypothesized that some of the vast quantity of meltwater that originates at the surface of Greenland’s glaciers during the summer season may filter all the way down through thousands of feet of ice sheet to the surface.
Well, these folks actually witnessed the event in progress, and by their accounts the overall effect was quite colossal.
It was once believed that this tiny, yet extremely pervasive blue-green algae, or cyanobacteria (specifically, Synechococcus) helped moderate the increase in carbon dioxide emissions as it underwent photosynthesis across the world’s oceans. It’s bad enough that the United States uses coal-burning power plants that, as of 2000, were releasing 50 tons of toxic Mercury into the air yearly. But just when the horizon is starting to look just that much more rosy, new reports suggest that Mercury originating from coal power plants in China are contaminating air, water, and fish in the United States.
Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. How else are you going to light the trail on a late-night walk or tell spooky ghost stories to your friends? The flashlight recharges fast and retains its solar charge for a crazy long time so you should rarely have to rely on the actual coin cell batteries.

Whether it receives its charge from the sun or from a light bulb, The Hybrid Solar Flashlight uses its revolutionary energy technology to recharge itself by means of either source! The Hybrid will virtually charge in any room with a window, sitting near lamplight, or even while you’re telling ghost stories around the campfire. Which, if you do, bemoans the obvious question: Why are you carrying around a flashlight in the first place? Unlike any ordinary flashlight you’ve ever used, this triumph of human technology can hold a full charge for years! And it’s smaller, brighter, and more lightweight than any other flashlight that can compare. Simply keep it on top of your refrigerator or somewhere with easy access to light and it will never lose charge!

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