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Skil, introduced in 1924 is engaged in manufacturing tools hardware tools based on extensive research and consumer input to fix your problems. The Skil 2350-01 2-in-1 Cordless Screwdriver and Flashlight features 2-in-1 Tool: Screwdriver and LED Flashlight in 1.
I never realized how much I needed a flashlight untill it was right there in the palm of my hand!
Two things I don't like with this model: They give you two small short bits verses one long handy double-ended bit.

Since that time I have gone through several other well known top brand models while still using my Skil to this day. I completely drained the driver's battery once I got it, and then gave it it's first charge I still haven't needed to give it a 2nd after using for several weeks.. The part number is 2607225503 and can be ordered direct from our Bosch Factory Service Center at 1-800-346-4103. Just don't drop it on a hard surface because a fall from less than 3 feet onto concrete will cause it to fail.

The B&D model is more like my old Skill rechargeable screwdriver which I liked very much.

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