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Toilet cistern overflows not only waste water but increase the risk for slip-and-fall injuries. Every non-battery-powered electronic device requires converting offline ac power to some dc voltage for powering electronics. This is a small size led flasher built with the 555 timer IC that is powered from 2 x 1.5V batteries.
In figure 3, both LEDs will be constantly on because they are connected in series from Vcc to GND.
Because of the internal circuitry of the 555, the output will switch back and forth from sinking to sourcing.

The circuit can be used as a flashing metronome, dark room timer, memo-reminder or other similar applications.
The duty cycle can be reversed if the LED is connected as shown in figure 2 but the battery consumption will also increase due to the fact that the LED will stay ON for a longer period of time. We will delete it soon, if we are involved in the problems of article content ,copyright or other problems. When build capacitor 330uF sizes suit 1 pin and 2 adaptation pin modify by the tow electronic part outside. For voltage 15V size the value of , CT equal to 180uF Rs equal to 3900ohm and RFB equal to 1000ohm.

The useful life of battery long because of the circuit uses a little electricity.One LED display flashing low voltThis circuit is LED display flashing with one LED.

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