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In the early 1830s, a scientist named Michael Faraday discovered that by passing a magnet through a coil of wire, a small electrical current is created. Faraday flashlights seem like they should be very complicated, but they are quite simple and only have a few components. Switch and body: The primary considerations here are the sturdiness and waterproofness of the flashlight.
To use a typical Faraday flashlight, you first shake it for 30 to 60 seconds depending on the model (or up to 3 minutes if the capacitor is fully discharged). There are lots of great flashlights available - but most of them have one big disadvantage: they are powered by batteries. The light from a hand powered flashlight is not as bright as from a comparable battery-powered light. Don't get one of these unless you have a strong arm and lots of patience.Be sure to get a good one. These are fun to play with, but not very practical for actual use.You could use one of these to light your way to the real flashlights!
A solar powered flashlight isn't hand powered, but it too makes a good emergency flashlight.
When the solar panel is exposed to sunlight, it converts that energy into electrical energy which is then stored in a battery. I dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned.
Deus, WSi's - In the end we will regret the chances we didn't take, the relationships we were afraid to have and the decisions we waited too long to make .. It's not the daftest idea, I've seen motion generation (and solar power) mentioned before elsewhere. Arado 130 - Garrett Groundhog - Tesoro Eldorado - Fisher 1265X - Goldmax Power Makro Racer.
On good windy drying days I could maybe attach the Deus to the washing line and let it swing about and get charged up ..
It’s not all that costly when you think that batteries cost so much, and that you would have to replace them every couple of years with a normal flashlight (and also risk a corrosive leakage, which is potentially a problem even with dynamo torches).
I bought a cheap copy of one of these, and I was so impressed with it that I bought the real thing, and I have to say that the NightStar is far more impressive, both in terms of construction and the amount of light it gives for the effort you put in. If you want a flashlight that can illuminate an aeroplane flying over the city then this is probably not the one for you, but if you want something that will sit and wait until that fateful day when there’s a blackout, and be certain that there absolutely will be light (rather than a pale, flickering yellow dot that fades and cannot be resurrected), then this is the flashlight to get. However, the quality of these components can make a difference in your satisfaction with the light.
You can store it away with your camping gear at the end of the season, and it will still work next year! A hand powered flashlight should be reserved for use as an emergency flashlight, not as your everyday flashlight.
You get light only as long as you are actively squeezing the handle!Some models do have a battery that is supposed to be charged when you squeeze - but most reviewers say that the system doesn't work well. A good quality hand crank flashlight will produce up to an hour of light with just 60 seconds of cranking.

As much as I like the idea of battery-free lighting and as much as I wanted to be able to recommend it, the performance of the Forever Flashlight was underwhelming – to say the least. Even fresh batteries cannot be stored for more than a couple of years because the metal parts inside corrode slowly and it reduces the power output. This is one of Motorola's latest Android smartphones and it has an interesting modular design that allows for custom back covers, snap on speakers and snap on projector. A magnet passes back and forth through a coil of wire and creates an electrical current that is then stored in a capacitor. Now turn the flashlight on and use it like a typical flashlight until its lighting power is diminished. Either temporarily disable those features or simply imagine the silver magnet traveling back and forth through the copper-colored coil of wire charging the capacitor. The light that is generated is not very bright.I suppose that if there were a genuine emergency and I really needed the light, I could get myself to shake the unit for the required time - but I'd rather not!
If you don't do this, the batteries will lose their effectiveness.For these reasons, these are not ideal emergency flashlights for camping. Try to remember where you left the flashlight and stumble your way around the house to find it. When we are out swinging away, that generates a lot of wasted energy, is it feasible to use that energy somehow to power a metal detector? A cylindrical coil of wire, and a magnet that can move back and forth inside the coil, sealed in a tube. Thankfully, one of our readers emailed and made me aware of a product that I should try before completely dismissing the idea of power created by repeatedly passing a magnet through a copper coil. When the flashlight is turned on, the capacitor supplies the stored energy to the bulb much like a battery-powered light. Some are actually fakes: they look like shake flashlights, but they are powered by a small battery!
I like to store my emergency camping flashlight in the camping tub, and not think about it at all until I need it!A solar powered flashlight would be a great emergency flashlight for home or vehicle, though. Thanks to a very old principle combined with new technology, now you can have a flashlight that never needs new batteries. I know that some watches are powered by the movement of peoples wrists, but could the same principle create enough energy to either power the detector outright or at least recharge a battery pack. Upon his recommendation, I visited the Shake Light site and found that they did indeed offer a similar product to the one I had previously tried. Called Faraday flashlights, or more commonly shake flashlights, they work using the principle of electromagnetic induction. A decent modern machine uses very little juice, so would be easiest to power with a motion generator, except this low power use means it doesn't need it.
It's the big power-hungry machines that would benefit the most, and they would need the most powerful generator.
Curses.Solar power has been done, I've seen an Australian outback gold-hunter who has added solar panels to his machine. There is a commercial mine-detector that has a solar panel option, but again, it's often in sunny equatorial countries where landmines are a problem.

Close examination of the way that it works reveals that there are no wires leaving this chamber. When the switch is in the forward position, the small metal plate is passed directly over the metal bar, which reacts to complete the circuit and turn on the light. Instead, there are repelling magnets at either end of the shaft which keep the moving magnet from striking the ends. Even with a short burst of quite vigorous shaking I was not able to make the magnet hit either end. This was in stark contrast to the way that the knock-off’s magnet would beat on the rubber dampers at each end of its shaft. In the center of the shaft, a tightly wound spool of blue colored wire rests, ready to react to the energy generated by the repeated passing of the magnet. The two ends of the wire meet at the top of the coil, and are then twisted together as they travel to the circuit board under the bulb area.
If the flashlight doesn’t work as expected, then it will just be a well constructed paper weight. In order to build up a charge, the NightStar must be shaken in short burst approximately 90 times. Probably the most effective way to accomplish this, is to bend the arm and shake the light over the shoulder – parallel to the ground. While each shake does not necessarily have to be vigorous, the quicker the shake, the faster the light will charge. According to the website, shaking the light for three minutes will provide a full charge and 10 to 15 minutes of usable light.
Because the light will not be fully discharged at this point, shaking the light for 15 more seconds will restore it to a full charge.
After deciding that that had been a pretty good mini-workout, I decided to do another 90 with my weaker left arm. There will be no fear of her dropping the light, running out of batteries, or any other disaster that might wait the typical light. Yes, you read that right – when hung horizontally from a tree, the LED end will point due North.
With this use in mind, I do wish that a groove had been shaped into the correct location on the light’s shaft to better accommodate the string and balance the light.
Of course, there is a downside to a light that uses a powerful magnet as its source of power. The NightStar can not be stored near a computer hard drive or any other type of media that is adversely affected by magnets. As long as the user keeps those limitations in mind, there are no other issues that I can see regarding the safe use of this light. There is no need for expensive replacement batteries, and no fear of battery leakage or failure if several years pass before the light is actually called into duty.

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