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It was a time of unprecedented social upheaval, but the winds of changes that blew through the 1960s have barely troubled the protagonists of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce until now.
It's now the Summer of 1966, the year The Beatles released their bridge between pop music and psychedelia - Revolver, it was the same time that LSD was made illegal in Califonia, and rather symbolically, Walt Disney passed away. Tonight, the first Martians landed as Roger tried LSD, Peggy performed a sex act on a stranger and Don discovered his little Megan has a mind of her own. Later, after troubling hours of silence, Megan arrives home to find Don distraught, they argue violently and end up on the floor, mirroring the scene between Roger and his wife. Don then looks sadly as he sees the woman herself looking downcast as she walks down the corridor. Parallel: They lie on the floor just like Roger and Jane, does this symbolise that women are fighting to be on a level? More: Martin Scorsese, George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Nicole Kidman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Silver Linings Playbook, Fargo, Argo, Gangs of New York, Moulin Rouge, Inception Relatively recent shows like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Game of Thrones have upped the ante in the television game. Turn on the TV and you’ll already see Bates Motel, a prequel of sorts to Psycho (nominated for four Oscars, though not Best Picture).
The 1997 Best Picture winner Titanic wouldn’t exactly make for a great TV show, unless they really stretched out that timeline. Christopher Nolan’s 2010 thriller about dream invaders was an unconventional smash hit based on his Dark Knight popularity. Yeah, good luck nabbing Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence for a TV commitment with their incredibly busy schedules. If Martin Scorsese isn’t too busy with his Gangs of New York adaptation, wouldn’t this one be a little more interesting?
This has basically everything those other movie-to-TV adaptations have ? the Coen brothers (Fargo) and a creepy serial killer (Bates Motel, Hannibal).
We’re not sure that three suicidal lesbians is the best subject for an ongoing TV show, but there’s something rather interesting about three parallel stories told in different time periods. This George Clooney vehicle was a riveting drama about an evil corporation going to great lengths to protect its reputation.
Sure, the hostages were only in Iran for a finite amount of time in the real story of these events. Sure, this would probably outrage just about everybody, and there’s almost no way it could be that good in execution unless Quentin Tarantino was behind every single episode ? but TV could use a little of Tarantino’s all-out-of-order brand of crazy to shake things up. Von Miller Does Delightfully Bad Justin Bieber Impression in Insane New 'Madden NFL 17' Promo -- Watch! Watching American Idol is so much more fun with friends, and if you don't have anyone to watch it with, I don't either so let's watch it together! All that has started to change in this fifth series of the saga of everyday advertising folk.Tonight their world was rocked as the spirit of the latter half of the decade started to seep into the neatly pressed creases of their suits and the pintucks of those structured wiggle dresses. The innocent days of neatly coloured in narratives was coming to an end and ahead lay protest marches, the rising popularity of drugs, a hippie revolution then ultimately a loss of innocence as America recoiled at the Manson murders and murder at Altamont.
We're even given events out of sequence in tonight's installment to exacerbate the effect of events spiralling out of control in this formerly neatly ordered, starch pressed universe.
Still bridling from her earlier embarrassment, Megan becomes irritated when Don orders cancels her dessert request of pie and tells the waitress they'll have three scoops of ice cream instead. A row ensues, and when Don tells Megan to call her mother and criticise him in French as he feels she normally does, his frustrated young wife yells: 'Why don't you call your mother?'This hits a nerve with the private executive, who is already irked by his opinionated younger wife, and after the argument continues to the parking lot, he drives off with out her. It used to be that you’d see a big difference in terms of production quality on the small versus big screens, but no longer ? some episodes of our TV faves look even better than much of what hits the big screen, and the writing tends to be sharper, too. Next week another legendary screen killer gets his own TV series ? Hannibal, featuring everyone’s favorite cannibal from Silence of the Lambs (which won Best Picture and Best Actor, amongst others).
But it all centered on one single case of planting an idea in someone's mind, rather than the usual extraction.
Obviously, this TV version would have to be recast like most of the rest of these, but this series could still serve as a sequel to explore the many quirky personalities on display in this film.
A spy for the good guys on the bad side and a spy for the bad on the good ? sounds like seasons upon seasons worth of suspense and drama to us!
But we could still go for a show about a young boy who teams up with a dead child psychologist to both help the deceased wrap up unfinished business and recover from the trauma of seeing dead people.
So why not bring Anton Shigur to the small screen as the rogue murderer sent after a man who got himself in over his head with a botched drug deal?
Tamper down the suicide a notch, though, and we’d have the perfect dramatic showcase for three strong actresses.

Argo didn’t have any trouble twisting the facts to make for a more exciting movie, so we can see a Homeland-style hit on our hands coming off the heat of its Best Picture win.
It was a new dawn of female empowerment, where form-fitting (and man pleasing) gowns would be replaced with cheesecloth maxi dresses paired with flowers in the hair, a development that will surely be anathema to Don Draper and Co. The episode opened with Peggy struggling with a Heinz campaign, in a pitch meeting her gender is brought up frequently, and the client isn't happy with her work.Also frustrated with her love life, she finds herself in the movie theatre where she smokes a joint and then performs the sex upon a stranger, it's the first sign of the sexual liberation and drug use that would come to characterise the next year's Summer of Love.
Wouldn’t it be interesting to see the team invade a bunch of other minds, too, discovering secrets about their subjects along the way? Plus the larger-than-life gangster role filled by Jack Nicholson in the movie just screams Emmy. Because seriously, who wouldn't need some therapy with all those maimed spirits roaming around?
But the film was so stuffed with its main plot that we barely caught a glimpse at the kind of “fixing” he does. And when Don returns to the office he is greeted by an angry Bert Cooper who tells him that he's been 'on love leave,' before adding: 'You have a little girl running everything,' referring to Peggy. The series could be dark and surreal, and the possibilities for storylines are literally as endless as the human imagination. A dancing hooker and a poor guy hook up and sing all our favorite pop hits ? sounds like it could run five seasons to us! With the wisecracking film producers in Hollywood, the CIA in Washington, and the American hotsages in Iran, there’s plenty of room for ensemble shenanigans and tension. Ten years later, with moody period pieces like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire hot and police procedurals still all over the place, we think it’s time to give it another shot. It’s not like Hollywood has lost its hankering for singing, dying prostitutes ? Anne Hathaway just won an Oscar playing one!
Since networks love lawyer shows more than just about any other thing in this world, this would be a nice unique spin on that (since he’s not technically a lawyer at all). The fans love the new judges, and I'm glad that the Top 24 gets more fans for the semi-finals. And if she's looking to make the jump to TV, well, we can scarcely think of a better role for her.
Ryan gave Steven Tyler a little censor stick, and I think those would make great gifts.Casey Abrams made it!
But more on him later.First up is Clint Jun Gamboa singing "Superstition" by Stevie Wonder.
All these questions and more will be answered.It's been so long since we've seen all the drama of Ryan Seacrest introducing the contestants that I've almost missed it. This time the guys were awkwardly standing on either side of Ryan and he made a big deal about the judges.
Clint's vocals are clean as usual, but he almost seemed like he was phoning it in if you were watching him. Steven said he started strong and ended strong, Jennifer said he seemed nervous but it didn't affect his performance, and Randy loved it too, saying there is no karaoke singer in the world with that kind of vocal talent. Take a drink every time someone points during their performance, and drink every time someone says, "This is a singing competition."Jovany Barreto sings next. I wonder if the lighting crew got all of their kicks with Clint's performance and the stage will look less psychadelic from here on out.
Everyone grab your eighth-grade crush because your moms are coming to pick you up RIGHT at 4:30pm and this is your last chance! Steven said Jovany brought it again, Jennifer was happy, and Randy "didn't really get it." Yay, Randy! The music teacher is singing "OMG" by Usher, which is an interesting choice for a singing competition (drink, I guess!). He took his jacket off to make it sexy-like, then took the verse up an octave and danced around.
It reminded me of when you're singing in the car and you realize you can't stay in the same octave for the whole song. Steven didn't like it, Jennifer didn't think it was well suited for Jordan (and he agreed!), and Randy didn't think Jordan brought anything to it. This song won't save him from our impression of him in the group round either.Tim Halperin is the first to get some sit-down time with Ryan.
He has a different style than the other guys left and ended with a big point to the camera.

Steven didn't think the song did him justice, Jennifer agreed that it didn't show America who he is as an artist (she is cougin' on him!), and Randy just wasn't too impressed. Tim ended by doing that thing I hate, saying, "We'll see if America agrees with the judges!"Brett Loewenstern!
He's singing "Light My Fire" by The Doors and I'm not convinced this will be the song that "does it" for Randy, either. Steven told Brett he was on fire, Jennifer said it was more hair tossing than her and Beyonce put together in the past 20 years and that he needs a fan (agree!), and Randy said there were 14 hair shakes. Brett ran away from Ryan Seacrest before he was done, and I loved when he came back to hug Ryan and say, "I love you!"Will you vote for the ending of Jennifer Lopez's music video? I don't think I care enough.James Durbin is up next, singing some Judas Priest accompanied by an awful Windows Media Player background.
James is rocking his trademark scarf tail, and I haven't liked him up to this point, but this was actually pretty good. I would totally have him on vocals when we played Rock Band (unless he's one of those people who insists on playing the drums ALL THE TIME, ugh).
Steven said it was crazy good, Jennifer was feeling it as much as James was, and Randy said, "THAT'S HOW YOU DO IT!" Take note, everyone who went before James. Also, I appreciate that his mohawk didn't look so obnoxious this time; he gave it some width.
Does anyone else get the feeling that he'll be one of those contestants who gets REALLY upset if he's in the bottom?Hey America, how about some Robbie Rosen?
I was lukewarm on Robbie until we saw him with his piano (but I also love that song "Gravity," so many forces were at work). Robbie is singing Sarah McLachlan's "Angel," and I'm a sucker for a good glide into the upper register, which Robbie does quite well.
Robbie looks like he's about to transform into Teen Wolf with his pushed-up-sleeves jacket in front of that moon. Steven called it a "beautiful thing," Jennifer said he told a story and made it sound special, and Randy said, "yo, I differ with my coharts." Coharts!
I love what Randy is serving up tonight.Baby-faced Baritone, Scotty McCreery is up next serving up some country, of course.
He's sitting on a stool all casual because he knows he can nail this song ("Letters from Home"). Jennifer said he's born to sing country music and he was "in his lane." I'm just glad he didn't sing that song about locking them doors and turning the lights down low, it's been stuck in my head for about a month now.
Also, I love that leather jacket he's wearing!Stefano Langone is up next, and he's been growing on me throughout the competition thus far. I'm not sure that high register was always working for him, and some of the high notes hit better than others; but I'm still a Stefano fan after that performance nonetheless. And Randy actually agreed, calling him a "real star." Stefano told "all the ladies out there" that he loves them just the way they are. Seacrest said he's going to get into "some trouble," but the only thing Stefano is getting into is some PANTS after that comment. His voice is unique, either you like it or you don't and I'm not sure I'm in the "like it" boat at this point.
Not a fan of his little simpering bows at the end, either, but this is a SINGING competition, and he sang it well in his style.
Jacob Lusk is ready to bring it HARD with "A House is Not a Home." From the first note, I am practically in tears. Steven said he's honored to be in Jacob's presence, Jennifer was teary-eyed, and Randy was like, "Luther Vandeross in the house!"Can Casey Abrams top that?
I am already a big Casey Abrams fan so I'm glad that he's able to compete after having debilitating stomach pains (apparently). He's incredibly charming and manages to put on a great show and still endear the audience to him. I think the show was, overall, a little back-loaded, but there is some major talent this season.

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