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In the early 1830s, a scientist named Michael Faraday discovered that by passing a magnet through a coil of wire, a small electrical current is created. Faraday flashlights seem like they should be very complicated, but they are quite simple and only have a few components.
Switch and body: The primary considerations here are the sturdiness and waterproofness of the flashlight. To use a typical Faraday flashlight, you first shake it for 30 to 60 seconds depending on the model (or up to 3 minutes if the capacitor is fully discharged).
Write a Review: Tell us what you think about this product, share your opinion with other people. Item Model Number: SFL1This item has been discontinued, and inventory will not be replenished. Instead it uses Faraday's Principle of Magnetic Induction and a super bright LED to produce light without batteries.

The flashlight is shaken for a few seconds to recharge an internal capacitor and it will then provide upto an amazing 10 minutes of light.
As the flashlight is shaken, a magnet passes through a metal coil which, when you shake, "induces" voltage in the coil generating electricity.
During prolonged use it can be shaken for 10-15 seconds for every 2 to 3 minutes of super bright light.
The light requires no maintenance so it can be left in your home or car for a longtime but will still be ready to produce light. The bright LED will last for thousands of hours and does not burn-out like a typical lightbulb - it should never need replacement. You'll be in great shape even if you have to signal for help in the pouring rain because it's 100% waterproof. The light it emits is twice as bright as an ordinary flashlight and is visible for up to one mile.
This is a flashlight that never needs batteries, replacement parts or even bulbs for that matter.

However, the quality of these components can make a difference in your satisfaction with the light.
A magnet passes back and forth through a coil of wire and creates an electrical current that is then stored in a capacitor.
Now turn the flashlight on and use it like a typical flashlight until its lighting power is diminished. Either temporarily disable those features or simply imagine the silver magnet traveling back and forth through the copper-colored coil of wire charging the capacitor.
When the flashlight is turned on, the capacitor supplies the stored energy to the bulb much like a battery-powered light.

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